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Plantronics Savi W700 Tips and FAQs

Savi W700 Series
Savi W740 Multi-device Connectivity

Savi W740 System
Savi W740 System

Savi W730 System
Savi W730 System

Savi W720 System
Savi W710/W720 System

Plantronics Savi W730 Setup Video

Plantronics Savi W740 Setup Video

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Changing the Savi W740/W745 Hot Swappable Battery

Savi 745 Deluxe Cradle and Battery
Savi W745 Deluxe Charging Cradle and Battery

Savi 745 Hot Swap Battery
Savi W745 Hot Swap Battery

The Savi W745 with deluxe charging cradle will allow you to keep a spare hot-swappable battery charged. The Savi W740/W745 headset will give you both audio and visual warnings when the headset battery is low. If you are on a call and the headset battery is critically low, you will hear a repeated single low tone every 15 seconds.
If you are not on a call and press the call button, you will hear three low tones if the battery is critically low. You should recharge the headset immediately or swap out the low battery with a fully-charged battery.
You can also use the Base to get a visual indication of battery status. When the system is idle, short press the base subscription button once to get feedback on the headset battery level. The computer, mobile and desk phone button LEDs will light up, indicating your headset battery level. Three red flashes indicate a low battery.
See the Savi W745 User Guide for additional details.

If you in the midst of an active call when the battery indicator shows a low battery, you can swap in a fresh battery without dropping the call, so long as you complete the task in five minutes.

Savi W740 Portable PC Connection

Savi W740 Earpiece
Savi W740 Earpiece

D100 USB Adapter

USB Deluxe Charging Kit
USB Deluxe Charging Kit

If you need to travel outside of your office, you don't have to leave your headset behind. The optional D100 USB adapter enables you to continue to use your headset with your computer wherever you need to travel. Add the USB Deluxe Charging kit with spare battery, and you leave the Savi W700 base in the office and use your Savi W740 ear piece with your laptop softphone indefinitely while away from the office.
Follow the procedure below to subscribe/pair your headset to the adapter.
1. Plug your D100 into a USB port on your Laptop.
If your earpiece is still active with the Savi W700 Base, follow steps 2 and 3. Otherwise skip to step 4.
2. Lift the earpiece from the Base.
3. Make sure the connection between between the earpiece and the Base is off (green LED on left side of base is off)
4. Double click the subscription button on the outer tip of the D100. The D100 LED strip will begin flashing Red/Green.
5. Press and hold the volume up button on the headset until the headset LED turns solid White and the D100 LED turns solid Green. The headset and D100 are now subscribed to one another.
Note: If the process is not successful, the USB adapter indicator light glows solid red for four seconds and then returns to its previous state. If this occurs, try the process again.
6. Select the Call Control button on the EP to activate the connection between headset and Laptop. The D100 LED will flash Green while connection is active.

To return call connection to the Savi W700 Base and desk phone, simply mount the headset in the base. Headset to Base subscription will be restored automatically after a few seconds.
Or use the over-the-air subscription procedure:
1. With your system idle and your headset undocked, press and hold the subscription button on the base for three seconds. The Power on/subscription light will flash white.
2. Press and hold the volume up button on the headset for three seconds until the headset LED turns solid white. When the Power on/subscription LED on the base becomes solid white, the headset and base are subscribed to one another.

Order codes:

83550-01 - D100 DECT USB Adapter for standard UC

83876-01 - D100-M DECT USB Adapter for Microsoft Lync & Office Communicator 2007

84603-01 - USB Deluxe Charging Kit for the Savi W440, W740 & WH500. Includes deluxe USB charger and spare battery.

86006-01 - Plantronics Hard Portable Carrying Case for Savi 440 and 700 Series. Pack the W440/W740 Earpiece, DECT USB stick and USB charger on-the-go.

Savi W700 Call Monitoring

Savi W700 Base Controls
Savi W700 Base Controls

W740 Earpiece Controls
Savi W740 Earpiece Controls

W710 Headset Controls
Savi W710 Headset Controls

To allow a supervisor to monitor over several calls without having to re-establish Conference mode:
1. If you are using a HL10 Handset Lifter to answer/end calls by lifting the handset, with the handset on-hook, disconnect the HL10 from the Base.
2. Activate the main headset link.
3. Conference in the supervisor headset as described below.
4. Mute the Supervisor's headset.
5. Use the phone to manually initiate or end calls by lifting/hanging up the handset, or by using the buttons on the phone.
6. Keep the Master Headset/Base Link established between calls. So long as the main headset link is not broken, the supervisor Conferencing Link will not be broken either.

Setting Up Savi W700 Conferencing

Conference in up to 3 additional headsets when using your Savi Wireless Headset. Headsets may be a mix of Savi W740, W710 or W720 models. Think of it as a conference call with headsets but instead of everyone hovering around a telephone that’s on speaker, you can now use Savi headsets and have perfect volume levels while you and your staff are hand-free, roaming your office and collecting information as need for your call.
To set-up Savi W700 conferencing:
1. Start your call on your master headset.
2. Place a 2nd same model headset into your base charging cradle.
The Subscription LED will start flashing Green and Yellow.
3. When the Subscription LED turns solid Yellow, the primary headset /user will hear a tone indicating a guest wants to join the call.
4. The Primary user has 10 seconds to press the Call Control Button on the master headset to accept your guest. Repeat steps 2-5 for adding additional headsets.

Note, if the guest headset is a different model then the Primary headset (e.g. Savi W720 vs W740), short press the Base Subscription button while the Primary user has an active link. Then on the guest Savi headset, press the headset Volume Button Up “+” until the Indicator Light on the side of the headset turns on. When the Base Subscription LED stops flashing Green and Yellow, and remains solid Yellow, the primary headset /user will hear a tone indicating a guest wants to join the call. The Primary user has 10 seconds to press the Call Control Button on the master headset to accept your guest.

To exit or Disconnect – Your guests can exit the call by pressing their Call Control Button. When the master headset Call Control Button is pressed to end the conference call, all guests will be disconnected.


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