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Savi Office WO100 and WO200 - Integrate PC and Telephone

WO100 PC-Ph

WO100 HB

WO200 EH

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The Savi Office series has been DISCONTINUED. Please see the W700 Series for replacement.

Savi Office is the wireless headset system that unifies voice communications and integrates your desk phone and PC providing business critical sound quality. Use the Savi Office system to mix calls between your PC and desk phone—conveniently combine a desk phone call with a PC call for real-time collaboration, or easily switch from one type of audio or device to another. Plus, Savi Office offers a longer wireless range for natural movement along with a variety of comfortable wearing styles, interactive software for personalization, and an adaptive battery system for longer battery life and an energy efficient approach to power usage.

To get the most out of your Avaya, Cisco, Polycom, Alcatel, or Siemens/Funkwerk desk phone, use a separate EHS (Electronic Hookswitch) cable.


* Note: Early versions of the WO100 came with the WH100 headset system with a Pin-to-snap mechanism to attach the ear-hook or headband to the pod.
The newer versions come with a WH110 earpiece with a flange-to-socket mechanism for connecting the earhook or headband to the pod.
Read the user guide carefully before attempting the remove the WH110 earhook from the pod.

Order codes:
79956-01 - Savi Office WO100 Std UC Headset System
82201-01 - Savi Office WO101 MOC Headset System
79957-01 - Savi Office WO200 Std UC Headset System
82203-01 - Savi Office WO201 MOC Headset System
82904-01 - Spare WH110 Headset (comes with Charge Cradle)
81574-01 - Spare WH200 Headset (comes with Charge Cradle)
80287-01 - Savi Office On-line Indicator (OLI)
60961-35 - Savi Office HL10 Handset Lifter
81421-01 - Charge Base (5-bank)
81409-01 - Savi Charge Base (1 bay)
81426-01 - WH100 Comfort-Kit
81425-01 - WH100 Earloops
81424-01 - WH100 Headband
72913-01 - WH200 Eartip Kit

Savi Office Product Sheet
Savi Office WO100/WH100 User Guide
Savi Office WO100/WH110 User Guide
Savi Office WO101 User Guide
Savi Office WO200 User Guide
Savi Share! - Multi-Shift Operations
Savi Office Tutorial 1: Set-up and PerSono Suite Software
Savi Office Interactive Setup Guide
Download Plantronics Software**

**Savi Office ships with Persono Suite software, which is also documented in the Savi Office User Guide. For more advanced users, you may choose to load the new latest Plantronics software. See the Plantronics Software page for details.

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