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Savi Go Wireless Headset

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Designed for in-office mobile professionals, this single headset lets you seamlessly switch between calls on your mobile phone and those received through your PC via Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007.

Wideband technology sharpens PC audio and delivers rich, natural-sounding voice transmissions, while the extended boom and noise-canceling microphone optimize communications in bustling office environments. Available in over-the-head or easy-fit earloop styles and offering one-touch control over call answer/end, volume, and mute, the Savi Go optimizes your office mobility with Class 1 Bluetooth technology.


Plantronics Savi Go Data Sheet
Plantronics Savi Go WG100/B (Std UC) User Guide
Plantronics Savi Go WG101/B (MOC) User Guide
Download Plantronics Persono Suite Software

Savi Go Models

38658-01 - Savi Go WG100/B (Convertible) UC Standard*
38635-01 - Savi Go WG101/B (Convertible) Optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007**

Savi Go Accessories

BT300 USB Bluetooth Adapter

85117-01 - BT300 Bluetooth USB Adapter for Microsoft Lync & Microsoft OSC 2007 - Replacement ***
85117-02 - BT300 Bluetooth USB Adapter, UC Standard version built for UC applications and softphones from Avaya, Cisco, IBM and more - Replacement - 3-4 weeks back order, non stock non returnable - for Voyager Pro UC & Savi Go - Replacement ***

*UC standard version: supports one-touch call control with softphones and UC applications from Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, IBM and more. Check Plantronics website, plantronics.com/personosuite, for supported softphone.

**Microsoft certified version: Optimized for Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007 supporting one-touch call control with Office Communicator.

*** The BUA200 Bluetooth USB adapter that comes with the Savi GO is not sold separately. If you have lost or need to replace the USB adapter, use the BT300(standard UC) or BT300-M (MSOC). This a Class 2 USB Bluetooth radio (20-30 feet range) with a more compact design so it won't be so easily dislodged from your laptop.

To pair your Savi GO with the BT300(-M):
In the event that your Bluetooth headset and your BT300(-M) Bluetooth USB adapter become un-paired, do the following:
1. Power the headset OFF by pressing and holding the Call Control button for 6 seconds. The headset indicator LED will be red for 4 seconds. 2. Remove the USB adapter from the PC or laptop. 3. Place the headset in pairing mode by pressing and holding the Call Control button until the indicator LED flashes red and blue. 4. Insert the BT300(-M) Bluetooth adapter into the USB port on your PC or Laptop. The LED will flash and then turn solid blue to indicate the headset is connected to the USB adapter. 5. The headset will exit pairing mode.

Savi Go Video Tips

Hint: - Play only one video at a time.

Savi Go Setup and Features


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