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Savi 430 and Savi 430-M Wireless USB Headset

Savi 430

Plantronics Savi W430 Wireless USB Headset for standard UC and Savi W430-M for Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007. With the same headset design as the highly popular Plantronics CS70N, the Savi W430 provides wireless communication through any VOIP application and/or softphone! The Savi W430 is perfect for travel with your laptop, as it is the only portable DECT USB headset on the market, offering HD-voice quality and up to 300ft of hands-free mobility. The sound quality of the Savi 430 also makes it a perfect match for voice applications such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software.

Savi W430 offers the highest quality audio with DECT™ technology built-in to the USB adapter, wideband support offering superior audio quality and battery life with adaptive power usage for extended talk time. The DECT USB adapter has 180-degree articulation for optimal positioning and storage and the over-the-ear wearing style provides all day comfort. Conference in as many as three additional Savi headsets on a call and enjoy improved efficiency, while experiencing an unprecedented level of comfort and functionality.


Plantronics Savi 430 Data Sheet
Plantronics Savi W430 Quick Start Guide
Plantronics Savi W430 User Guide
Download Plantronics Software

Savi 430 Models

82396-01 - Savi 430 UC Standard

82397-01 - Savi 430-M MOC version


82905-01 - WH210 replacement/spare Headset

83550-01 - USB DECT™ Adapter D100 US

72913-01 - Eartips

69519-01 - USB Charging Cable

Savi 430 Tips

Subscribing a master headset

Pairing the headset to the USB Adapter

Savi W430 Headset W430 USB Adapter
Savi W430 Headset Savi W430 USB Adapter

Savi W430 WH210 Earpiece call controls

Savi W430 DS100 USB adapter

The headset and USB adapter that are supplied are subscribed to each other. However, if you wish to use a new master headset with your existing USB adapter, the units can be subscribed to each other by the following method:
1. Ensure your replacement headset is charged.
2. Double press the subscription button on the USB adapter. The USB adapter will flash red and green.
3. Press the volume up button on the headset for three seconds until the headset indicator light turns solid green.
4. When the indicator light on the USB adapter goes solid green, the headset and the USB adapter are subscribed to one another.
NOTE If the subscription process times out after two minutes or if the subscription process fails, the USB adapter indicator light will become solid red for four seconds and then return to its previous state. If this occurs, try to re-subscribe the headset again.

Ending Subscription

If the USB adapter is in subscription mode and you want to stop the adapter from searching for a headset, press the subscription button again. The subscription light will turn solid red for four seconds and then go to its previous state.

Setting the Range

The Savi W430 is supplied with "Hign range" set as the default. To change the Range setting, hold in the Subscription Button on the USB adapter for 3 seconds while it is in Idle state. The USB adapter LED will flash "green" for High range, "yellow" for Medium range, and "red" for Low range.

Placing the Headset in Sleep Mode

If the headset will not be used for an extended period of time and will not be placed in the charging cradle, put the headset in "Sleep" mode by pressing the Call Control button for 3 seconds while in an idle state. To exit "Sleep" mode, press the Call Control button again for 3 seconds.

Conferencing Additional Headsets

While on a call, you can subscribe up to three additional headsets to your USB adapter for conferencing. As you add headsets to the adapter, an additional headset icon will appear in the Plantronics software screen with a number from 1 to 3 indicating the number of additional headsets subscribed to the adapter. Guests may conference in as described below:
1 - While you are on a call, place the guest’s headset into subscription mode by pushing the headset volume up button for three seconds until the headset indicator light becomes solid green.
2 - Short press (less than one second) the subscription button on the USB adapter. The USB adapter light will flash yellow and green.
3 - The USB adapter light will then turn solid yellow and you will hear a tone in the master headset indicating a guest wishes to join the call.
4 - If you press the call control button on the master headset within five seconds, the guest is joined to the call.
If you do not press the call control button within five seconds, the request to join the call is rejected and the guest will hear an error tone in their headset.
Guests may leave the conference call by pressing their call control button. When they do you will hear a single tone in the master headset as each guest leaves the call.
To see how many headsets are subscribed to the adapter, refer to the lower left-hand corner of the Plantronics Control Panel software screen. The first headset is the master headset and the number inside the next headset is the number of guest headsets subscribed to the adapter.

Savi W430 & W430-M Lights, Buttons and Tones

Refer to the Plantronics Knowledge Base for a full description of Savi W430 indicators, buttons and tones.

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