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Plantronics Communication Products

Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Plantronics UC products are optimized to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC) 2007 and Lync 2010. They deliver the best audio quality and usability for all work settings while giving you the ability to answer or end the call directly from the headset or device. Plantronics UC headsets and phones let you communicate and collaborate with anyone, in any location. Visit the Plantronics Unified Communications link for application and setup information for various UC Audio devices. For direct access to Plantronics UC device setup videos, connect to the UC Toolkit page.

New Plantronics Unified Comminications Products

Savi 700-Series Multi-device Wireless Headsets

Savi W740 Connection
W740 3-way Connectivity

Savi W740 Swappable Battery
W740 Swappable Battery

Savi W720 System
W720 System

The Savi® W700 series is the newest productivity-focused wireless UC communication device for office professionals. With three-way connectivity, easily manage and switch between PC, desk phone and mobile calls from a single wireless headset. The new convertible W740 is the lightest DECT™ headset on the market. And the W740 offers a hot-swappable battery option so you can keep a spare battery charged in the headset cradle to extend the user talk-time between charges. The W710 and W720 models provide monaural and binaural headset options for longer continuous talk-time and noisey environments.
Optimized for Unified Communications, the system automatically updates your status to “busy” on PC, mobile and desk phone calls so colleagues can see your availability.
Visit the W700-series product page for feature specifications and user manuals.

Voyager Legend UC Bluetooth Wireless Headset

for PC and Mobile Communications

Voyager Legend UC
Voyager Legend UC

Voyager Legend UC
Voyager Legend UC & BT300 USB Bluetooth Adapter

Plantronics Voyager Legend UC meets the demands of mobile professionals like never before, with connectivity to PC, smartphone or tablet. Smart Sensor technology anticipates your needs, voice alerts keep you informed and voice commands keep you in charge. A portable case and desktop stand are included for anywhere charging, while precision-tuned triple mics cancel noise and wind like never before – it’s the only headset you need for your mobile life.
Visit the Voyager Legend UC product page for feature specifications and user manuals.

Savi W440 DECT Wireless Headset for High-quality PC Voice Communications

Savi W440 System
W440 System

W440 Combo Wearing Styles
W440 Combo Earhook/Headband

The Savi® W440 is the first portable DECT™ headset system and includes the lightest headset on the market. Experience world class PC sound quality with a versatile headset that can be worn three ways to match your personal style. A hot swappable battery (option) for unlimited talk time and up to 300 feet of wireless freedom make this headset a productivity powerhouse.
Visit the Savi W440 product page for feature specifications and user manuals.

CS500 Series Wireless Telephone Headset

CS500 Banner
CS500 Family

CS540 System
CS540 System

CS520 System
CS520 System

The Plantronics CS500™ Series features the lightest DECT™ headset on the market, with a new streamlined design and improved performance all with the same reliability for hands-free productivity that has made the CS family a best-seller for nearly a decade. Go mobile and multi-task up to 350 feet from your desk with answer, end and mute controls at your fingertips.
Visit the CS500 product page for feature specifications and user manuals.


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Plantronics Warranty and Repairs

Please be advised that a new warranty replacement process is effective for as of September 30, 2016 for Plantronics' Canadian customers.

To replace your broken or defective in-warranty product, please follow these simple steps:
Step 1. To get started, go to Access Your Account If you already have an account:
a. Type your email address and password in the boxes provided.
b. Click Go.

If you don’t already have an account:
a. Click Create New Account.
b. Complete the form.
c. Click Register.
d. Select one of the options: Consumer or Business User.

Step 2. Register your product.
a. In the Search field, enter the product name or model number.
b. Click Go.
c. Enter the Purchase Date and Quantity.
d. Click Go.
e. Upload your proof of purchase (receipt)*. (Browse to locate your proof of purchase).
f. Click Upload.
*If you don't have the receipt for a headset (e.g. corded, wireless or Bluetooth), you can take a picture of the "date code" on the device, transfer it to your computer, and upload that image in lieu of the purchase receipt.
Contact the Plantronics Service Center if you need assistance at 1-800-540-8363.

Step 3. Submit your warranty replacement claim.
a. Click the Replacement Service link (located on the left side of your screen at the bottom of the Account Dashboard).
b. Select the product you want to replace.
c. Click Request Replacement.

The Plantronics Canada Service centre will be happy to assist you if you have questions or you wish to follow up on the status of your replacement product. You may contact the Service Center at:
Service: 1-800-540-8363

or....email Plantronics Canada Service Request


Plantronics Parts and Accessories Catalog

Plantronics 2014 Parts and Accessories Catalog

Plantronics Quick Reference Guides - Products for Specific Applications

Contact Centre Quick Reference Guide

Enterprise Quick Reference Guide

Avaya Quick Reference Guide

Cisco Quick Reference Guide

Microsoft Quick Reference Guide

UC (Generic) Quick Reference Guide

UC Enabler Quick Reference Guide

Plantronics Compatibility Guide

Select your Communication Environment by selecting landline, office desk phone or softphone. The Compatibility guide will give you options for desk phone or softphone brand and model. Once selected, all possible corded and wireless headset options will be listed, along with any connection cables that may be necessary

Start the Compatibility Guide tool.

Plantronics Wireless Headset Test

Plantronics Wireless Test toll free number: 1-866-210-2157

This is an automated Sound Test Machine to test and adjust your wireless or VoIP headset audio settings. This service is available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

It's important to make sure that your headset's volumes are adjusted correctly to ensure call clarity. Wireless headsets have separate controls for the transmit (microphone) volume and the receive (what you hear) volume.

Plantronics Help Line

For immediate help in setting up or troubleshooting your Plantronics products, call the Plantronics Product Support line 1-800-544-4660 ext. 5538

Plantronics Sounding Board Forum

For answers to questions on Plantronics products, or to post your own questions, visit/join the Plantronics Sounding Board Forum.

Software Downloads and Tips

For Plantronics software downloads and tips, visit the comfortcanada.com/Plantronics/plantronics_software.htm page.

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