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EncorePro HW510® Monaural and HW520® Binaural Over-the-head Headsets

EncorePro HW540 lifestyle
HW520 Binaural Wearing Style

EncorePro HW510
HW510 Headset

EncorePro HW520
HW520 Headset

The HW510 and HW520 will be available in Canada in mid 2015. Please call our offices for availability and pricing information.

The Plantronics EncorePro HW500 headset series is an all-new generation of headsets for customer service centers and offices. The EncorePro HW510 is the next generation of our most popular over-the-head monaural headset. Completely re-imagined for the demands of the modern customer service center and office, the HW510 has soft ear cushions for all-day wearing comfort, metal joints that deliver durability and reliability and a flexible mic with visual and tactile positioning guides for precise positioning and clearer conversations.
The EncorePro HW520 is the binaural version of the HW510 design, covering both ears to provide greater focus and concentration by blocking background noise. The HW520 also has soft ear cushions for all-day wearing comfort, metal joints that deliver durability and reliability, and a flexible mic with visual and tactile positioning guides for precise positioning and clearer conversations.
The HW510 and HW520 headsets are made for a business professional looking for the best possible quality in a corded headset. With one ear covered and the other open, the HW50 keeps you in tune with what’s going on around you and makes it easy to converse with others. The HW520 covers both ears to insulate the user from a noisey surrounding environment. The noise-canceling microphone will cut down on background noise, making both the HW510 and HW520 great headsets for louder environments.


Important note: You will need either a direct connect cable (e.g. A10-16 amplified cable, HIC, HIS) or an amplifier (eg. M22) to connect the headset to your phone. For amplifier and direct connect cable options, click here. .

Order codes:

89433-01 - EncorePro HW510 Monaural Headset

89434-01 - EncorePro HW520 Binaural Headset

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Product Sheets and User Guides:

EncorePro HW500 Product Sheet

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User Tips:

Headband - When installing the Plantronics Encore HW510 or HW520, the first task is to properly fit it to your head. Position the headband over your head, with the ear cushion(s) against your ears. It may require adjusting the headband by sliding it in to make it smaller or out to make it larger so your ear(s) are covered and comfortable.

Mic positioning - The microphone needs to be ¼ of an inch (the width of your finger) away from the corner of your mouth when using the EncorePro. You can rotate the mic boom up and down for perfect positioning.

Quick Disconnect - At the end of the headset cable you will find a connection called the Quick Disconnect. You will have a matching connection in which to plug the cable, located on your amplifier or cable, depending on compatibility and your application. Make a test call to ensure the unit is working properly.

Clothing clip - Use the clothing clip. It plays an important role in making the headset appear very light weight. By clipping it on or near your shirt collar, the weight of the lower portion of the cord stops at the clothing clip. You will never feel pulling on the headset or the need to reposition it as you reach and stretch the lower cord.

Storage - When not wearing your Plantronics EncorePro, it’s best to place the headset over a hook so it’s not just setting on your desk, and this also keeps the cord hanging freely. You also want to let the cord hang free and avoid tightly wrapping it, which over time will damage the internal wires.

Cleaning - When cleaning your Plantronics EncorePro, always use non-alcohol chemicals or wipes. Using alcohol-based products over time will break down the cords making them very stiff and clumsy to use. You will want to wipe all plastic components and cables, but avoid saturating any openings where electronic components are in close proximity. This will include the small holes in the speaker casing and at the end of the mic boom where the microphone is located.
The EncorePro HW500 series comes with foam cushions, which can be replaced as needed.
When cleaning your EncorePro, also avoid sticking anything into the end of the Quick-Disconnect connection where the four metal contacts are located. This connection is made to last, and more damage than good will come if you try to clean it.


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