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Plantronics RD-1 Ring Detector Cable for Shoretel Phones

Wireless to ShoreTel
Wireless to ShoreTel Connection

The RD-1 Ring Detector Cable for ShoreTel IP phones allows Ring Tone to be heard in Plantronics Wireless CS Series, CS500 series, and Savi W700 and Savi Office Wireless Headsets.
EHS is supported via the direct connection between the Savi or CSxxx wireless headset base and the Headset port on the IP Phone.
The ShoreTel IP phone must be set to “Auto Offhook Preference = Wireless Headsets” in order for the wireless headset EHS functionality to function when connected to the phone Headset port. When the phone is in any other Off-hook preference mode, the wireless headset will not connect to the phone.
You can control the call activity with ShoreWare Call Manager. To configure Auto Off-Hook Preference, follow the procedure described in your Call Manager User Guide for your specific phone system*.
* Please check with your ShoreTel phone system supplier for support for your ShoreTel phones. Or select this link for ShoreTel Call Manager User Guide if you have had training on configuring and managing your phones.
ShoreTel Call Manager User Guide

The RD-1 cable connects to the following Plantronics wireless headsets:

EHS with the RD1 cable functions with the following ShoreTel phone models:

Order codes:

78887-01 - RD-1 Ring Detector Cable for EHS on ShoreTel* phones

* see specific models above

Product and Installation Guides

RD-1 Cable Product Information
RD-1: How to Install on ShoreTel Phones
RD-1 Set-up Manual...
ShoreTel EHS Config.

RD-1 Ring Detector False Ring Work-around

The RD-1 cable/mic is a sound vibration detector, and independent of the Headset-to-Phone EHS functionality. So long as it is connected to the wireless headset base, and the “mic” is mounted on the phone on or near the phone speaker, it can cause the headset to produce the “incoming call” alert, even when it is resting on the charging cradle. When in “Speaker” mode, the voice signal coming through the speaker can cause the Wireless Headset “incoming call” alert to activate.

Work-around Unplug the RD-1 from the Wireless Headset base if you are using the Speaker phone setting for a prolonged period.

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