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Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) Cables

For Avaya, Cisco, Polycom, Siemens, ShoreTel and other IP phone systems.
Electronic Hook Switch - communicates electronically with the phone, eliminating the need for a HL10 lifter.
Note that Savi EHS cables work only with the CS500, Savi W700, Savi Office Wireless headset systems and the MDA200 USB switch.
CS-xxx EHS cables are designed for CS55, CS70N and CS351N/CS361N wireless headsets, and can not be used with the SC500 and Savi systems.
See the Electronic Hook Switch Guide for supported phone systems and hook-up information.

Savi APS-11 EHS for Aastra/Mitel APS-11 EHS cable for Aastra/Mitel
Supported Phones: Mitel 5380, 5370, 6771, 6773, 6775, 6735i ,6737i , 6739i, 6753i, 6755i*, 6757i, 6865i, 6867i, 6869i, 5370ip, 5380ip, 6773ip, 6775ip, 7434ip, 7444ip, 6757i CT. Order DHSG cable for 6737i, 6735i, 6757i, 6755i, 6753i.
APS-11: Part # (37818-11), DHSG Cable: Part # (D0062-0011-34-00)


Savi APV-66 EHS for Avaya APV-66 EHS Cable for Avaya
Supported Phones: 2420,4600 series, 5420, 5600 series
APV-66: Part # (38633-11)

Savi APV-63 EHS for Avaya HIC/HIS APV-63 EHS Cable for Avaya HIC/HIS
Supported Phones: Avaya 1608, 1616, 9600 series, 2410, 4630, 5410, 6416D+M, 6424D+M
APV-63: Part # (38734-11)

Savi APT-30 EHS for Tenovis APT-31 EHS Cable for Avaya Tenovis
Supported Phones: T3 Classic, TH13, TM13
APT-31: Part # (37820-01)

Savi APC-40 EHS for Cicso Cisco APC-41 EHS Cable for Cisco
Supported Phones: 7942G, 7945G, 7962G, 7965G, 7975G
APC-41: Part # (38350-01)


Savi APU-70 EHS for Nortel APU-71 EHS Cable for Avaya Nortel and Cisco
Supported Avaya Phones: 1120E, 1140E, 1150E, 1165E
Supported Cisco Phones: 8961, 9951, 9971
APU-71: Part # (83018-11)


Savi APP-50 EHS for Polycom APP-51 EHS cables for Polycom
Supported Phones: SoundPoint® IP 320, SoundPoint® IP 330, SoundPoint® IP 430, SoundPoint® IP 450, SoundPoint® IP 550, SoundPoint® IP 560, SoundPoint® IP 650, SoundPoint® IP 670
APP-51: Part # (38439-11)


RD-1 Cable RD-1 Ring Detector Cable for ShoreTel IP phones. Allows Ring Tone to be heard in Plantronics Wireless CS Series and Savi Office Wireless Headsets.
EHS is supported via the direct connection between the Wireless headset base and the Headset port on the IP Phone.
Supported Phones: (IP212K, IP230, IP265 and IP500 series).
RD-1 Part # (78887-01)

Savi APS-11 EHS for Siemens APS-11 EHS cable for Siemens
Supported Phones:
Siemens OpenStage 40, 60, 80, Optipoint 410 with acoustic adaptor, Optipoint 420 with acoustic adaptor, Optipoint 500 with acoustic adaptor, Optipoint 600 with acoustic adaptor

APS-11: Part # (37818-11)


APU-75 EHS for CS500-to-PC Connect APU-75 EHS cable for CS500-to-PC Connect
Supported Phones:
PC Softphones and Mitel 6867 and Mitel 6869 HID1 desk phone's

Order code:
APU-75: Part # (202678-01)


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EHS Tips

Q. Can you connect a Wireless Headset to a Cisco 79xx phone without an EHS cable?

A. Yes. Connect the wireless headset Base to the Cisco desk phone Headset Port using the Telephone Interface Cable that came with your CS500 or Savi W700 wireless headset. Set the Telephone Interface Switch to "D". Activate the Link between the headset and its Base using the earpiece Call Control button, and leave it linked for the duration of your work session. Control the phone calls using the Headset button on the phone. Recharge the earpiece by mounting it on the Base during break periods.
Note that attempting to end a call by selecting the earpiece Call Control button will only close the link between earpiece and Base. It does not "hangup" the phone call.

Q. What if the Cisco 79xx phone includes an extension module? How do I connect the EHS cable?

A. The auxillary port on the phone into which you would normally plug the EHS cable will be occupied by the expansion module. You will need to order the 40287-05 - Adapter to extend the APC-41 cable for Cisco IP phones with the 7914/7915/7916 key expansion module. Click here for more information.

Q. What Desk Phone Configuration setting do I need when connecting the wireless base to the desk phone?

A. Generally you put the setting on "A" when using the simple Telephone Interface Cable setup, and on "A" when using the EHS cable.

Q. What if the EHS cable doesn't work after phone reboot?

A. This may indicate that your phone needs a more recent version of software. If you cannot upgrade the phone, as an alternative, you can power cycle the headset base, which will reset the EHS cable. Click here for more information.

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