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Plantronics UC Enablers

D100 and D100-M DECT USB Adapter

D100 USB Adapter

Plantronics D100/D100-M USB DECT Adapter is the replacement USB dongle for the Savi 430(-M) and Savi 440(-m). It may also be used with the Savi Office*, Savi 700 and CS500** series DECT wireless headsets to make a wireless connection to a PC.

** NOTE: The CS500 series is normaly meant for dedicated desk phone connection. The Savi W700 series is for both phone and computer connection using a USB cord. However, because the earpieces for these models use the same DECT 6.0 protocol as the D100, the CS540, CS530 and CS510/CS520, as well as the W740, W730 and W710/W720 model headsets can be subscribed to the D100 for PC softphone and other PC voice applications.
Make your CS500 or Savi W700 headset portable with the D100 DECT 6.0 USB adapter plus 86005-01 stand-alone charge base and power supply.
Add a 84599-01 CS540/Savi W740 or 83769-01 CS530/Savi W730 charge cradle to take your headset out-of-office for travel or home-office computer voice applications.

Add the 86006-01 hard carry case to safely transport your CS540 or Savi W440 or W740 earpiece and D100 USB adapter.
For the Savi W740 ONLY, you can order the 84603-01 USB charge kit consisting of a USB charge cable with connector to accomodate a W740 hot swap battery. Spare battery is included. Note this is not available for the W730 or for the CS540, which uses a different battery.
Download the latest release of Plantronics software and get one-touch call answer/end with supported softphones.
See the CS500 Tips page and Savi W740 Tips page for subscription details.

Order codes:

83550-01 - D100 DECT USB Adapter for standard UC.

83876-01 - D100-M DECT USB Adapter for Microsoft Lync & Office Communicator 2007.

86005-01 - Stand-alone charge base and power supply
84599-01 - CS540, Savi W740 or W440 charge cradle
83769-01 - CS530, Savi W730 charge cradle**
** Includes cradles for old and new CS530/W730 headsets (non-magnetic/SMIF and magnetic). The new CS530 and Savi W730 uses a magnetic connection between earpiece and cradle. The older versions use the SMIF socket connection between Earpiece and Cradle
84603-01 - Savi W440/W740 USB Deluxe Charging Kit (Deluxe USB Charger + Spare Battery)
86006-01 - Plantronics hard portable carrying case for Savi Convertible Style Wireless Headsets. Features black leatherette exterior, felt lined interior and self closing hinge that prevents losing small parts and pieces.


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