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Plantronics CS540-XD Wireless Headset Series for Desk Phone Connectivity

CS540-XD Base
CS540-XD Base

CS540-XD Convertible
CS540-XD Convertible

CS540 XD Ear Piece
CS540-XD Earpiece

The CS500-XD wireless headset series is the no-hassle, high-quality solution for fitting more wireless headsets in the same office. The CS500-XD series provide all of the features of the innovative CS500 wireless headset series along with the oportunity to add more headsets in the same office space.
The Plantronics CS500 XD Wireless Headset Series was designed to address wireless density issues, so that more wireless headsets can be used in the same space while maintaining clear conversations. Using 900 MHz technology, the CS500 XD Series provides up to a 350 foot range, and includes a convertible headset with a hot swappable battery (CS545-XD) for unlimited talk time.
With one-touch call answer/end, vol+/-, and mute, manage calls from up to 350 feet from the charging base.
The CS500 XD system also enables you to conference in up to three additional XD Series headsets for easier collaboration and guest headsets can subscribe to a base by simply docking the headset. Note that collaborating headsets must belong to the XD series. You cannot conference in CS500 series headsets or Savi W700 series headsets, as these use a different frequency.

CS500-XD Product Tour
CS500-XD Product Tour


* Use the Savi-style APV-63, APV-64, APC-41, APU-71 etc EHS_Cables for Avaya, Cisco and other advanced desk-phones.

Order codes:

88283-01 - CS540-XD Convertible Wireless Headset System

84598-01 - CS545-XD Convertible Wireless Headset System with hot-swap battery

Accessories and Spares:

CS540-XD Battery 84598-01 - CS540-XD/CS545-XD, Savi W440, Savi W740/W745 Hot Swappable Battery

- If hot swapping, you may swap the battery while still on a call and the call will not drop
- Provides up to 7 hours talk time on a full charge
- Full charge takes 3 hours (charge approximately 20 minutes prior to the first use)
- Approximately 1 1/4" x 7/8" x 1/4" thick
- Notes:
- not compatible with Plantronics CS540 wireless headset (correct battery for CS540 is PL-86180-01)
- This battery is also included with hot swappable charging kit (PL-84601-01)
- Part number printed on battery is 82742-01
- To replace battery:
1. Slide battery cover down and remove from headset
2. With your thumb and index finger, pull the battery out from the attachment clip
3. With you thumb and index finger, grasp the battery connector and disconnect connector and battery from headset
4. Install the new battery by reversing the previous steps
81423-01 Power Supply 89806-01 - CS540-XD & CS545-XD Spare Battery, USB Charging Cable & AC Charger

- Spare battery, USB charging cable and AC charger for CS540-XD and CS545-XD headsets
- All parts come with the CS545-XD. Not included with the CS540-XD (available as an accessory)
81423-01 Power Supply 81423-01 - Universal Power Supply

- 9V/500mA power supply
CS540-XD Earpiece 89549-01 - CS540-XD Replacement Earpiece

CS540-XD replacement (or extra) headset for the Plantronics CS540-XD/CS545-XD wireless headset system. This is the replacement headset if you have lost or broken your Plantronics CS540-XD headset or use it as an extra headset in a conference call using the same base (up to 3 can be used).
This spare headset does NOT include the Plantronics CS540-XD system or Earloop/Earbuds kit.
Not compatible with CS540 or Savy W740 systems
CS540 Fitkit 86540-01 - CS540 Fitkit

- Spare fit kit for CS540
- Includes 2 Earbuds & 3 Earloops
CS540 Headband 84605-01 - CS540 Headband

Replacement/spare headband for the Plantronics CS540, Plantronics Savi W440, Plantronics W440-M , W740 wireless headset system.
- Genuine Plantronics headband for the Plantronics CS540, Savi W440, W740 wireless headsets
- Flexible rubber T-bar (opposite ear cushion) allows for a comfortable secure fit
- Ear cushion assembly included, and is attached to the headband
- Ear cushion is high quality leatherette with special speaker fabric in center - together they ensure fantastic sound quality
- Does not include wireless headset
CS540 Neckband 84606-01 - CS540 Neckband

Replacement/spare headband for the Plantronics CS540, Plantronics Savi W440, Plantronics W440-M , W740 wireless headset system.
Behind the Neck Neckband for the Plantronics CS540, Plantronics Savi W440, Plantronics W440-M , W740 wireless headset system.
- Genuine Plantronics Neckband for CS540, Savi W440, W740 wireless headsets
- Snaps on quickly
- Does not include wireless headset

CS540-XD Multi-Shift Option:

The CS500 series does not have a removable mounting/charging cradle as does W700 Series. However, a spare CS540-XD earpiece and charge cradle can be ordered and can be mounted on an offline charger (see below). The headsets can be swapped between offline charger and the CS540-XD base for multi-shift operations or supervisor monitoring.
NOTE: These items are listed by Plantronics but may not yet be available. Please call for availability.

WH500 Cradle 84599-01 - Standard Charging Cradle (Base) for the Savi W440, W740 & WH500-XD
Headset Cradle for CS540-XD (offline), Savi 740 and Savi 440
- Use with off-line charger 86005-01 or 84609-01 for multi-shift operations
Single-Bay Offline Charger 86005-01 - Single-Bay Offline Charger
Savi/CS500 Offline Charger
- Load headset cradle on charger
- Mount supervisor or alternate-shift headset in cradle for charging
Five-Bay Deluxe Offline Charger 84609-01 - Five-Bay 3-pin Offline Charger
Savi/CS500 Deluxe Offline Charger
- 3-pin charger for all CS500/Savi 700 cradles, including Savi 740 Deluxe and Savi 745 Cradles
- Load headset cradle on charger
- Mount supervisor or alternate-shift headset in cradle for charging

Product Sheets and User Guides

CS500-XD Data Sheet
CS540-XD Quick Start Guide
CS540-XD User Guide
CS500-XD Product Tour

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