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CS500 Series Tips

CS500 PC Connection

CS540 Base
CS540 Base

CS540 Earpiece
CS540 Earpiece

D100 USB Adapter

CS500 to PC Connection. If you want to connect an existing CS500 to your PC for VoIP or other voice apps, here's the solution. The CS500 series earpieces (EP) uses the same frequency as the D100 DECT USB adapter. (The D100 comes with a Savi 430/W440, or can be ordered separately). To tune your CS500 EP to the D100:
1. Plug your D100 into a USB port on your PC.
2. Lift the CS500 EP from the Base.
3. Make sure the connection between between the CS500 EP and the CS500 base is off (green LED on left side of base is off)
4. Double click the subscription button on the outer tip of the D100. The D100 LED strip will begin flashing Red/Green.
5. Press and hold the volume up button on the headset until the headset LED turns solid White and the D100 LED turns solid Green. The headset and D100 are now subscribed to one another.
5. Select the Call Control button on the EP to activate the connection between headset and PC. The D100 LED will flash Green while connection is active.

To return call connection to the CS500 Base and desk phone, simply mount the headset in the CS500 base. Headset to Base subscription will be restored automatically after a few seconds.
Or use the over-the-air subscription procedure:
1. With your system idle and your headset undocked, press and hold the subscription button on the base for three seconds. The Power on/subscription light will flash white.
2. Press and hold the volume up button on the headset for three seconds until the headset LED turns solid white. When the Power on/subscription LED on the base becomes solid white, the headset and base are subscribed to one another.

Order codes:

83550-01 - D100 DECT USB Adapter for standard UC

83876-01 - D100-M DECT USB Adapter for Microsoft Lync & Office Communicator 2007

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CS540 Tips

CS540 Battery Information

This product has a replaceable battery. To ensure replacement batteries meet Plantronics high quality standards and for optimal performance, only use replacement batteries provided by Plantronics.

Talk Time

With a single full charge, the CS540 will provide up to 6 hours of talk time. Talk time will be reduced when operating in wideband mode or if the headset is used consistently at a far distance from the base.

Low Battery Warning

If you are on a call and the headset battery is critically low, you will hear a repeated single low tone every 15 seconds indicating the battery is low. You should recharge the headset immediately.

If you are not on a call and press the call button, you will hear three low tones if the battery is critically low. You should recharge the headset immediately.

CS540: How to Change the Battery

If you notice that a fully charged battery is no longer lasting long enough, you can replace it as follows:

...click here for detailed procedure.

CS540 Headset Controls

The CS540 earpiece incorporates Volume/Mute Button, Call Control Button and Headset Indicator Light. ...click here for details on how these work.

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CS500 Tips

CS500 Series: How to Subscribe (Pair) a Headset to the Base

The headset and base unit are subscribed to each other right out of the box. If you need to use a replacement headset with the base, you have to subscribe (or introduce) it to the base.

There are two ways to subscribe your headset to the base: automatic secure subscription, and manual (also called over-the-air) subscription.

Automatic Secure Subscription:
Simply dock your headset in the base. The power/subscription light (the white light on the base) flashes during the subscription process and glows solid when the headset pairs successfully.

Note: Only the last paired headset will work, so you will have to repeat this process whenever you need to use a different headset with the system.

Manual/Over-the-Air Subscription:
1. Start with the base in idle mode, and the headset undocked.
2.Press and hold the subscription button on the base until the power/subscription indicator light flashes.
3. Push the multifunction toggle in the volume (+) position until the headset's indicator light turns on solid.
4.When the headset's indicator light turns solid and the base's power/subscription indicator light stops flashing, the subscription is complete.

...click here for a video illustration for subscribing CS500 Wireless Headsets to the base.

CS500 Series: How to Conference Additional Headsets on a Call

You can conference up to three additional headsets to a call in progress. There are 2 scenarios: conference when the guest headset is the same model as the primary headset and conference when the guest headset is a different model than the primary headset.

How to conference when the guest headset is the same model as the primary headset

1. While on an active call, place the guest headset into the primary user's charge cradle (this connects the headset to the base).
2. When the base subscription indicator light stops flashing white and becomes solid white, a tone sounds in the primary headset, indicating a guest wishes to join the call.
3. The primary user should press the call button to accept the guest headset within 10 seconds or the request is terminated and the guest hears an error tone in their headset.

How to conference when the guest headset is a different model than the primary headset

1. Briefly press the base subscription button while the base has an active link.
2. Press the guest headset volume up button until the indicator light turns on.
3. When the base subscription LED stops flashing white and remains solid white, the request to join will be heard in the primary user's headset and the primary user will have to press their call button within 10 seconds to accept the guest.

How to exit a headset conference

Guests headsets can remain as guests through multiple calls. To remove a guest headset, press the guest headset's call control button or dock the primary user's headset in the charge cradle. A single tone sounds in the master headset as each guest leaves the call.

...click here for a video illustration for conferencing CS500 Wireless Headsets.

CS500 Series: How to Set Up with a Desk Phone (with HL10 and EHS Options)

This section describes how to connect the base to your desk phone. There are three setup options for connecting the CS500 series base to your desk phone.

...click here for detailed connection instructions and video.

CS500 Series: How to Use with the HL10 Lifter

The HL10 Handset Lifter option facilitates remote call answer/end call control with corded desk phones which do not support EHS (Electronic Hookswitch) control

...click here for detailed HL10 connection instructions and video.

CS500 Series: How to Use with an EHS cable

Many digital desk phones support Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) control via a specialized EHS cable conenction between the wireless headset base and the phone. You need to first select the correct EHS cable for your phone model.

...click here for EHS cable selection guide.

Before you can use your CS500 series system with an electronic hookswitch (EHS) cable, you must first connect your base to your desk phone. ...click here for the instructions

To set up the EHS cable: Connect one end of the EHS cable to the base and the other end to the desk phone.

For specific instruction for your particular phone model and related EHS cable, go to the EHS cable selection guidance page, or search the Plantronics Knowledge Base for the specific cable.
e.g. APV-63 for Avaya 9600-series phones.

...click here for detailed EHS connection instructions and video.

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CS500 Connect to HL10

Can I use the HL10 Handset Lifter from my old CS55 on my new CS500 series headset?

Yes, when properly connected. The Savi HL10 60961-35 model has a straight connector which plugs directly in to the auxillary port (with phone handset up arrow)on the back of the CS500 base. The older HL10 60961-32 model has an "L"-shaped connector which was designed to connect into AUX port in the bottom of the CS55 base. The "L" must be directed "up" to insert fully into the CS500 base. Do Not direct the "L" downwards as it will not insert fully into the base.
CS500 HL10 Auto-answer

Why does the HL10 handset lifter activate every time I pick up the CS500 earpiece from the charge cradle?

The CS500 features an "auto answer" toggle switch on the base.
When auto answer is set to red you must press the headset call button to answer an incoming call.
When Auto Answer is set to green you can answer a call just by lifting headset from the base.
Note, when switching from one mode to the other, run the HL10 through one up/down cycle by selecting the Call Control button on the earpiece twice, then place the earpiece in the charging cradle on the base. The next time you pick up the earpiece, the selected auto-answer mode (on or off) will be activated.

Why can't I hear the incoming call signal on my CS500 headset?

Try turning up the sound level on your telephone ringer. The HL10 detects an incoming call by "hearing" the audible sound from the phone ringer and transmitting a in-bound call signal to the CS500. If the sound is too low (or off altogether), then the no signal is sent. Also, since the HL10 mic is directly under the lifter arm, if the phone speaker is on the other side of the phone, use HL10 Ring Detector accessory to connect the HL10 to a tiny mic placed above the phone speaker placed over the phone speaker.

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Why is the talk time on CS540 slightly less than CS55?

CS540 has up to 7 hours of talk time which is sufficient for the majority of users, by using lighter materials and smaller battery the headset weight has been reduced by over 22% making the headset extremely light, discrete and more comfortable for long conference calls. The CS540 also features a quick charge battery that reaches 50% charge after 60 minutes. For power users the CS510 and 520 models support up to 9 hours of talk time.

Since the new CS500 Series uses Savi style EHS cables, what does that mean for the EHS cables or other accessories used with current CS55, CS70N and CS351/CS361 series?

What is adaptive power and why is it a benefit in the office?

DECT wireless technology can give you a range up to 350 ft. in the office environment, but there is a limit to the number of concurrent users and this is called “user density”. The adaptive power feature detects how far you are from the base unit and turns the DECT radio power down to match your distance. Therefore the closer to the base unit the less radio power is emitted. This has two benefits, you can have more DECT users in the same area (better user density) and the headset uses less battery power thus improving talk and standby time.

What is audio benefit of wideband over narrowband?

Traditional desk phones are limited in their audio bandwidth (300 to 3.6KHz). As a comparison the human voice has a bandwidth of approximately 100 to 5KHz so the very low and high voice frequencies are lost making you sound less natural. More modern telephones such as IP desk phones and softphones enable a much wider range of voice frequencies to be transmitted and received. CS500 series can take advantage of these wideband phone systems which improves voice intelligibility.

Can I conference in other wireless headsets with the new CS500 series?

Yes, if you have the same style of headset your guest can simply dock their headset in your cradle to join your call, if they have a different style of headset they can also join your call using over the air subscription process as detailed in the full user guide. You can conference with up to 3 additional CS500 headsets or even Savi DECT headsets.

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