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Plantronics Direct Connect Cables

Cisco 26716-01 Direct Connect Cable

Cisco Connect Cable

Plantronics 26716-01 Cisco 7900-Series Direct Connect Cable
Plantronics 26716-01 cable is the bottom coiled cable that plugs between the Plantronics H-series headset and Plantronics M12, M10, or MX10 amplifiers.
This cable is also used to connect any Plantronics H-series headset directly to a Cisco 7900 Series IP telephone headset port. This provides you with "on-hook" functionality so that you won't have to lift your telephone handset off the receiver for every call when using your Plantronics headset. You will NOT need to purchase a Plantronics amplifier.
The cord has a modular plug at one end and a Quick Disconnect at the other end which connects to any Plantronics Call Center headsets (H-Series).
Note: To use a headset conencted to the Cisco 7900-series Headset port, Press to toggle headset mode on and off. You can use the headset in conjunction with all of the controls on your phone, including volume control and Mute.
AutoAnswer users - Keep headset mode active (in other words, keep the "Headset Button" illuminated) even when you are not on a call. To keep headset mode active, press EndCall to hang up (rather than pressing to end the call), then press NewCall or Dial when placing new calls.
If your phone is set up to use AutoAnswer in headset mode, calls will be answered automatically only if the Headset Button is lit. Otherwise, calls will ring normally and you will need to manually answer them.


Plantronics H-series headsets are rugged and dependable and intended for offices, call centres and other office environments. You will need either a direct connect cable (e.g. A10-16 amplified cable, or HIC cable for Avaya phones) or an amplifier (eg. M22) to connect the headset to your phone. For Plantronics corded headset options, click here.

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