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GN Netcom Amplifiers, Direct Connect and USB Cables

GNN Amplifiers

Link 850 Audio Processor Link 850 Audio Processor
The Link 850 replaces the GN8000 and is designed to connect Jabra/GN Netcom QD headsets to both desk phones and to the USB port on your desktop or laptop computer. It features a Tone Control equalizer, PeakStop™ technology, Wideband/HD Voice frequency response, and Digital Signal Processing.
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GN8210 GN 8210 Digital Amplifier
The completely digital GN 8210 amplifier utilizes state-of-the-art, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology that dramatically reduces incoming background noise. The GN Netcom 8210 Digital Amplifier is compatible with all GN Netcom corded headsets.
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Dial 750 Jabra Dial 750 Dialler
Jabra Dial™ 750 is a telephone dial pad that paired with a Jabra headset provides a fully functioning single-line telephone that connects directly to any wall-jack. Jabra Dial 750 provides a smooth and cost-effective migration path for growing contact centers and is ideal for anyone who wants to use up minimum desk space for a telephone/headset system.
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Speaker Phones

ziphone Jabra Speak 410
Jabra SPEAK™ 410 is a USB speakerphone designed for office professionals with everyday need for audio conferencing. Jabra SPEAK 410 provides crystal-clear audio with true wideband sound quality. The powerful speaker and built-in omni-directional microphone offer a 360-degree coverage allowing conference participants to hear and be heard within a 1 to 2 metre range.
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ziphone Jabra Speak 510
Jabra Speak™ 510 UC is a portable unified communications speakerphone that gives you the power to literally turn any room into a conference room. You get outstanding sound quality and a plug-and-play solution that can connect to your PC via USB, tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth or USB. Jabra Speak 510 UC has a compact design and a travel case that make it well-suited for transport.
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GNN Direct Connect Cables

GN1200 GN1200 Smart Cord
Use your GN Netcom headset with phones that have a built-in modular headset jack with the GN1200 Smart Cord. The Smart Cord's handy system selector switch lets you quickly locate the right connection for the type of phone you want to use with your GN headset.
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GN1216 GN1216 Smartcord for Avaya 9600/1600 Phones
The Jabra GN1216 cord is the solution for Avaya 9600/1600 Series phone systems where microphone volume configurations are needed in direct connect applications. With the Jabra GN1216 cord you are able to connect all GN Netcom’s most popular professional Jabra headsets to Avaya 9600 and 1600 series phones.
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USB Adapters

LINK 230 Jabra Link 230 USB Adapter
The Jabra Link 230 turns any Jabra corded headset into a Skype or softphone friendly headset. The Link 230 cord allows you to connect any Jabra QD (quick disconnect) headset to a PC or Mac via USB.
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LINK 280 Jabra Link 280 USB Adapter
The Jabra LINK 280 USB Adapter enables PC connectivity and full softphone integration with GN Netcom’s extensive range of Quick Disconnect (QD) headsets for desk phones. Convenient in-line control buttons let you enjoy quick, optimized use of your softphone. Built-in wireless Bluetooth enables you to switch seamlessly between softphone and mobile phone calls.
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