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GN9300e Series User Tips

Out of Range Signal

If the GN9330e or GN9350e headset loses connection with the base, you will hear a triplet of descending tones in the headset. There could be several reasons:
a. You ARE out of range. Move closer to the base or avoid obstructions like walls and filing cabinets between you and the base.
b. The batteries in the headset may not be holding their charge. Purchase new batteries and install following the instructions below.
c. Perform a system reset. This is periodically needed with older systems. To perform a system reset, follow the procedure below.

Hint: - Play only one video at a time.

GN9300 Series Reset

Replacing GN9300 Battery

To Reset a GN9300-series Headset:
1. Place the headset in the basestation.
2. Unplug the power supply cable from the base station.
3. Remove the headset from the base station.
4. Remove the battery pack by sliding the backside of the headset speaker-housing downwards.
5. Slide the battery pack onto the headset again Ė the LED on the headset will turn solid blue for 2 seconds.
6. Place the headset in the base station and then connect the power supply cable again.
7. The four LEDís on the base station will then flash green once. The LED on the headset will flash blue once after 5 seconds.

To replace the battery pack on a GN9300-series headset:
1. Unclip the headset speaker-housing from the battery pack - slide the backside of the headset speaker-housing downwards.
2. Slide the new battery pack onto the headset.
- The headsetís link indicator will light for 2 seconds to confirm successful replacement of the battery pack.
3. Replace the headset speaker-housing.
4. If you have the extra battery charging facility, recharge the empty battery by sliding it into the charger.

Troubleshooting GN9300 Series Headsets

Q: Nothing happens when I try to adjust the clear dialtone

A: Make sure the base is set for telephone mode and the link is established (telephone buttonís indicator on base is flashing). Also ensure that the telephone is activated (handset is off the hook or line button is pressed).

Q: I am getting a buzzing sound on my headset

A: If the unit has been correctly set-up, your telephone may not be fully immune to the radio signals the headset uses. To overcome this problem, move the headset base at least 30 cm away from the telephone. On GN9350e, you may want to reduce the range of your unit instead.

Q: My customers say they cannot hear me

A: Ensure the base unit is in the correct system setting by adjusting the clear dial tone switch. You should experience a high quality dial tone from the headset. Then call a friend and adjust your headsetís microphone as described in the Guide for basic set-up and use.

Q: Sound quality on the headset is crackling, or outgoing sound volume fades after a short period of use

A: Try replacing the earpiece battery.
B: Try connecting your wireless headset system to another phone to isolate if the problem is with the headset or with the phone/line.
C: Try Pairing the earpiece with another base, and pair the earpiece from another Base to your Base to isolate if the problem is with the earpiece or the base.

Pairing an earpiece with a different Base:

1. Important: Before designating a new master headset, ensure that the original headsetís link to the base unit is closed by pressing its talk button. The telephone or USB indicator should not flash.
2. Place the new master headset into the charging cradle of the base.
3. Press the baseís pairing button.
Both the telephone (and GN9350e USB mode) buttons on the base, and the headsetís link indicator, will light for 2 seconds. This indicates successful pairing of the new master headset.

Advanced Operations

For other operational procedures such as:
- Conference calling,
- Emergency calling via VoIP
- Switching a call between headset and desk telephone handset
- New master headset pairing to base
- Establishing a Clean Audio Mode link for PC phone (VoIP) Unified Communication applications
- Use with DECT cordless telephones
- Adding extra battery charging facility
refer to the GN9300e Additional Functions Guide.

For additional product info and pricing, Email us, or call our nearest office @ 1-877-244-8414 (Calgary, AB) or 1-800-822-8613 (Brampton Ontario).