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Jabra Electronic Hook Switch Adapters

Jabra models Jabra PRO™ 9470, Jabra PRO 9460/9460 DUO, Jabra GO 6470, GN9350e, GN9330e EHS and GN9125 support Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) capability. This feature enables you to answer and end calls electronically while away from your desk. You will need to select the correct Jabra EHS adapter for your phone system, and the phone system has to support the EHS feature. Currently, specific phone models from Aastra, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Polycom and Siemens support the EHS feature.

Download Jabra EHS Adapter Selection and Setup Guide


- 14201-10: Jabra LINK EHS Adapter for Aastra IP phones. *DHSG required for GN9125, GN9300e models

- D0062-0011-34-00: *Aastra DHSG cable for Aastra 6751i, Aastra 6753i, Aastra 6755i phones

- 14201-09: Jabra LINK EHS Adapter for Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel 8-Series (IP) and Alcatel 9-Series (UA)

- 14201-20: Jabra LINK EHS Adapter for Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel 8-Series (IP) EE

- 14201-19 : Jabra LINK™ EHS Adapter for Avaya (see models guide)

- 14201-20 : Jabra LINK™ EHS Adapter for Avaya (see models guide)

- 14201-16 : Jabra LINK™ HHC Adapter with GN9125, GN9300e series for Cisco (see models guide)

- 14201-22 : Jabra LINK™ HHC Adapter with Jabra GO, Jabra Pro for Cisco (see models guide)

- USB cable: USB – USB cable Included with the headset for Supported Nortel IP phones

- 14201-17: Jabra LINK™ EHS Adapter for Supported Polycom IP phones

Avaya EHS Adapter

Avaya EHS Adapter

Jabra LINK™ 14201-19 EHS Adapter for Avaya models: Avaya 2420 ver B On IP switch only, Avaya 2420 IP Ver Firmware 4.0, Avaya 4610 & 4610SW Firmware 1.8 Avaya 4620 & 4620SW Firmware 1.8, Avaya 4621 & 4621SW Firmware 1.8, Avaya 4622 & 4622SW Firmware 1.8, Avaya 4625 & 4625SW Firmware 1.8, Avaya 4630 & 4630SW Firmware 1.8, Avaya 5620, Avaya 5420, Avaya 5621, Avaya 5625, All future Avaya phones with a EU 24/AD J port – for latest update please visit www.jabra.com/avaya

Jabra LINK™ 14201-20 EHS Adapter for Avaya models: Avaya 1616, Avaya 2410, Avaya 5410, Avaya 5420, Avaya 5610, Avaya 6416D+M, Avaya 6424D+M, Avaya 9620, Avaya 9630, Avaya 9640, New Avaya phones to come – for latest update please visit www.jabra.com/avaya

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Cisco HHC Adapter

Cisco HHC Adapter

Jabra HHC Adapter for Cisco Unified IP phones - The Jabra 14201-16 HHC Adapter enables remote Headset Hookswitch Control (HHC) with Jabra GN9125, GN9330e EHS and GN9350e wireless headsets and the latest generation of Cisco Unified IP Phones. The HHC Adapter is compatible with the new suite Cisco Unified IP Phones released September 2007: 7942G, 7945G, 7962G, 7965G and 7975G. Cisco Unified IP Phone release 8.3(3) will enable the HHC functionality.

Cisco Headset Hookswitch Control (HHC) explained

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Polycom EHS Adapter

Polycom EHS Adapter

Jabra 14201-17 EHS Adapter for selected Polycom SoundPoint IP Phones. - The EHS Adapter is compatible with the following Polycom IP Phones: SoundPoint IP 320/330, 430, 550, 560, 650, and 670 desktop phones (running SIP application version 3.0 or later). SoundPoint IP 320/330 requires 2.5m to RJ-9 adapter, available from Polycom.

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