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EnGenius — Questions, Answers and Tips


Q. What does Industrial Cordless mean?

A. Industrial Cordless Phone Systems are designed for demanding business environments. Industrial Cordless Phone Systems offer:

Examples of customer applications:

DuraFon 1X system connected to a PBX extension.

This system is connected to a PBX system to serve as a remote call device for the administration office in a small community in Canada's North West Territories. The system is intended to allow the user to connect with one of the extensions in the main office, so when officers are out in the community, calls directed through the office extension can be received or made remotely via the DuraFon handset. Because the PBX extension is digital, and the DuraFon requires an analog connection, an analog line was configured on the PBX, and the system user simply forwards their extension to the "blind" analog line that the DuraFon 1X system is connected to when they leave the office.

DuraFon 1X system used for Taxi dispatch.

This system runs without the benefit of a roof-mounted external antenna, and serves as the taxi company dispatch system for incoming and out-goning calls in Churchill, MB.

DuraFon 4X system with external antenna on roof of house. Situated beside a lake near Vernon, BC.

The base is 1.6 Km across the water from a cabin. If it is a direct line range is approximately 6 km easily if there is nothing blocking. They also get reception through the trees across the lake for approximately 4 km. When using a very tall tower for mounting the antennae, the range is much further and better reception.

DuraFon 1 X system with external antenna in Queen Charlotte, BC.

The Base with external antenna is situated on a hill fairly high above sea level and has an unobstructed view of the inlet. The handset is used in a separate building (shop) on the hillside, as well as on a boat equipped with other electronic devices such as VHF radio, GPS and radar (lots of antennas). The shop is wood frame construction with a metal roof. The handset is generally set on a window sill which faces in the direction of the transmitter base. Sometimes incoming calls provide caller id – sometimes not.
A good signal is received from the harbour and much of the inlet while in my skiff. I’ve found that, if I’m some distance from the base while on the water, I will drift in and out of range. I’m used to this from my experience with VHF radios. When possible (only works with outgoing calls) I find a spot in relatively shallow water, make certain that the DuraFon has a clear signal, and drop anchor so I don’t drift off the clear signal spot. I have not noticed any signal variance due to wave action (up to 2 meters).

DuraFon 1X system with external antenna on large farming operation at an Alberta Hutterite colony.

Rugged environment with lots of wear and tear on the handsets. Range experienced is about "one good mile"

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Spares Availability:

Q. Are SN-920 and EP-490 phone systems still available?

A. No. The SN-920 single line system has been phased out, replaced by the DuraFon 1X SN-902. The EP-490 has been replaced by the DuraFon Pro SP-922 four-line system.

Q. How can I get accessories for our existing EnGenius systems?

A. Miscellaneous accessories such as batteries and antennas are no longer available for the SN-920 and EP-490. The new DuraFon Pro handset can be modified to work with the DuraFon 4X systems.
Call Comfort Telecom Canada Calgary or Brampton offices for availability and pricing.


Q. What kind of phone lines do I need to connect to a DuraFon?

A. The DuraFon 1X and DuraFon Pro are analog telephones, so need dedicated analog phone lines, or an analog port on a PBX.

Q. Can I use a splitter on a FAX line to also connect a DuraFon?

A. A DuraFon should be connected to dedicated analog line(s). Sharing a line between a DuraFon and a FAX machine is not a good idea. The FAX machine can sometimes interfere with the DuraFon, necessitating a power down/power up to reset the DuraFon system.

Q. Can I connect a FAX machine to a DuraFon?

A. The DuraFon 1X has a RJ11 Answering Machine port in the Base Unit. A standard analog device such as an answering machine or FAX machine can be connected to this port, and can be programmed to pick up after a pre-set number of rings go unanswered on the DuraFon. The DuraFon Pro does not have a similar feature.

Q. Can I connect a regular phone to a DuraFon 1X as an additional calling device?

A. Yes. An ordinary analogue "house phone" can be connected to the DuraFon 1X RJ11 Answering Machine port in the Base Unit. You can answer and make calls via this secondary connection so long as the primary DuraFon 1X handset is not in use. But remember, the seconday phone must be an analogue device, NOT a digital phone.

Q. Can a "Teen" or "Smart" line with two numbers on one line connect to a DuraFon?

A. Check with your local telephone service provider. The additional phone number on the same line is a feature, not an additional line. The basic service has been tested on the Bell system in Ontario and calls to the two numbers are differentiated by ring tones on the DuraFon. However, splitting the line between a FAX machine and a DuraFon is not recommended, as the FAX machine can interfere with the DuraFon, necessitating a reset of the DuraFon system. As noted above, a FAX machine can be connected in series with a DuraFon 1X via the Answering Machine Port, and programmed to pick up after a preset number of rings.

Q. How many handsets will the DuraFon systems support?

A. The EnGenius DuraFon 1X system will support 9 handsets per base. Each handset can be registered to up to 4 base units for a total integrated system of 36 handsets and 4 base units.

The EnGenius DuraFon 4X system will support 36 handsets on a single base unit.

The EnGenius DuraFon Pro system will support 90 handsets on up to 8 bases in an expanded system.

Q. How many handsets will a single DuraFon Pro base support?

A. The EnGenius DuraFon Pro system in theory supports 90 handsets on a single base. In practice, it is limited to about 20 users as you can have only 4 lines working concurrently.

Q. How many bases (lines) can one DuraFon handset be assigned?

A. Each EnGenius DuraFon 1X handset can be registered to up to 4 base units for a total integrated system of 36 handsets with 4 base units.

Each EnGenius DuraFon 4X handset can access up to 4 lines.

Each EnGenius DuraFon Pro handset can access up to 32 lines in an expanded system with 8 bases (4 lines/base).

Q. How many lines per DuraFon base?

A. Each EnGenius DuraFon 1 X base will support one analog line or extension. Additional base units can be added to expand the system to up to 4 base units.

The EnGenius DuraFon 4X base will support 4 analog lines or extensions.

The EnGenius DuraFon Pro base will support 4 analog lines or extensions, and up to 8 bases can be integrated into a single system with 36 lines.

Using more than one DuraFon 1X Base (linked):

The Durafon 1x system allows you to add additional bases, and therefore more than one line. To add additional base units, first register all handsets to the primary base originally used in the system.
Now get an administrator handset (ID 11, or 12) and the additional base unit you plan to add. First power-up that base for at least 15 seconds. Now press and hold down the register (labeled REG) button on the base until all four green LED lights illuminate. Next, press menu on the handset followed by 6 (register) 3 (add base), and then choose 20 (for base #2). Note additional bases 3, and 4 can be done the exact same way, however their base numbers would be 30, and 40 accordingly.
NOTE: Bases should be separated from each other, and from external antenna(s) by at least 10 metres (33 feet).
Each base should be connected to a different external line. DO NOT connect 2 Bases to the same line.

Call Waiting: Note that the DuraFon 1X does not have Call Waiting feature for a second line provided by a second Base. If you are talking on Base 1/Line 1, and a call comes in on Base 2/Line 2, you will not be alerted to the second call, and you can’t put the first call on hold to answer the second incoming call. The caller on Line 2 will simply not get answered, but could leave a message (if supported by the phone service provider).
Note that if the systems are DuraPro, with separate bases at two locations within range of a single handset, then it is possible to subscribe the handset to both bases, and you will be alerted to the call coming in on the second line and Call Waiting is supported. This is limited to two lines only.

Determining which Base/Line to use from a given handset:

All DuraFon 1X handsets are registered to the primary Base. When a second Base is registered, then all handsets have access to that base. All incoming calls on each Line/Base will alert any handset within range (depending on Group configuration. For outgoing calls, the handset will select the Base/Line with the strongest signal. If you want to select a specific base station to make outgoing call:
a. Press menu 8 to enter the Call Manager function.
b. Press 2 to enter “Outgoing” setting.
c. Use Up and Down arrows to select either On or Off.
d. Scroll to On and press SAVE if you want to select a specific base station before you make an outgoing call. The default setting is Off.
See page 34 of the DuraFon 1X User Manual for other Call Manager functions.

Q. How far apart should multiple bases be installed?

A. For an expanded system with multiple bases, the bases should be located at least 10 metres (33 feet) apart to avoid interference.

Q. Can I use my DuraFon Pro handset with a DuraFon 1X base?

A. No. The 1X, 4X and DuraPro systems use different communication protocols (languages), so you cannot mix the SN-902-HC (1X) handset with a 4X base, nor a SP-922-HC (4X) or SP-922 Pro-HC handset with a 1X base.

The DuraFon handsets also cannot be used in 2-way intercom mode to make handset-to-handset calls from a 1X to a 4X or DuraPro/DuraWalkie handset.

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DuraFon Features:

Q. What new features do the DuraFon products provide?

A. New features with the DuraFon system include:

DuraFon 1X Features:

Q. DuraFon 1X: Can I answer a second call coming through a secondary base while on a call with an initial base?

A. No. The DuraFon 1X handset can only utilize one connection at a time. Outside of the Telephone service provider's "Call Waiting" the only way to answer a second inbound call is to be free to connect. If you need this capability, we suggest using the multiline systems (DuraFon PRO).

Q. Does a DuraFon 1x support call waiting, and/or 3 way calling?

A. Yes, provided this is handled by the phone company or phone system it is connected to. You will need to press the flash key to flip between callers.

Q. Does the DuraFon 1X have built in Voice Mail?

A. The DuraFon 1X does not support built in Voice Mail.

Q. Does the DuraFon 1X handset have speakerphone on calls?

A. All phones built after Nov. 2007 with serial number 07A101340 or higher will now include this feature

Q. When sharing a line with another non-Engenius phone, I can’t join in, they can’t hear me?

A. We added this feature to avoid howling or feedback in speakerphone mode when starting a new call. Simply press any digit to turn on the voice path. This feature is now on all Durafon 1x with speakerphone.

Q. Will my DuraFon 1X base units interfere with each other or other communication devices? ?

A. Yes, Base units and or the High Gain antennas should be at least 20' apart from each other, and other electronic equipment for best performance and to reduce interference.

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DuraFon 4X Features:

Q. Auto-attendant and Voicemail?

A. The DuraFon 1X does not offer an auto-attendant or a voicemail function. The DuraFon 4X and PRO systems offer auto-attendant but do not offer voicemail. Recommend turning the DuraFon's auto-attendant OFF if behind a PBX or Key system's auto-attendant.

DuraFon Pro Features:

Q. What additional features does the DuraFon Pro provide over the DuraFon 4X?

A. The DuraFon Pro offers some improvements and new features over the DuraFon 4 X, including:

Q. What are the pros and cons of DuraPro handsets vs DuraWalkie handsets for handset-to-handset walkie talkie communications?

A. The DuraFon Pro system supporst handset-to-handset calls walkie talkie calls from handset to handset, DuraWalkie to DuraWalkie and handset to DuraWalkie. A handset user can make a direct call to another handset using the handset 2-digit ID code without going through the system base and tying up a line. Or, if the user needs the additional range provided by the Base and high gain antenna, then you can call the 3-digit extension assigned to the handset you are calling.
It is still possible to make a longer range handset-to-handset call by calling the supervisor handset from the DuraWalkie, and asking the supervisor to transfer your call to another handset or even to an outside line.
If the primary purpose of the handset is for walkie talkie operations within a limited range (up to about 500 metres depending on terrain), then the DuraWalkie is a lower cost alternative to a regular handset when using a DuraFon Pro system.

Q. Can you assign different lines to ring on specific handsets?

A. Yes. On the DuraPro system, you can assign each handset to different Groups (e.g. Sales, Service, warehouse etc.). You can then assign each of the 4 lines to ring individual handsets or Groups. Refer to the DuraFon Pro User Manual for details.
The DuraFon 1X does not ahve a similar feature. All handsets ring on an incoming call.

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Q. Is special wiring required for the EnGenius Industrial Cordless Phone System?

A. No, the EnGenius System will work with any standard electrical 120-volt AC wall outlets and any standard analog telephone line port.

Q. Will I have to program my handsets in order to use them ?

A. No, the EnGenius Phone System's handsets come pre-programmed at the factory to operate immediately with the included base unit.

Q. What accessories come with the EnGenius Cordless Phone System

A. Accessories included with the EnGenius Cordless Phone Systems are:

Q. What is the "Talk Time" for a fully charged handset?

Talk time depends on the distance of the handset from the base, as a longer distance draws more power. The average talk time for in-office use is rated at 6 hours. The standby time (when you are not talking) is rated at 50 hours.

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Q. Are the EnGenius phones full duplex?

A. Full duplex capability lets you talk and listen at the same time. The EnGenius long range cordless phones make use of this technology.

Q. What type of battery is used?

A. The DuraFon systems use a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery.

Q. Can I charge a spare battery while the handset is in the charger?

A. Yes, the DuraFon rapid charger has a spare battery charging slot located behind the handset charging slot.

Q. How long does it take to charge a battery?

A. The handset's battery and/or the spare battery will charge in 4 hours (from empty).

Q. When would the handset battery need to be replaced?

A. A lithium-ion battery provides 300-500 discharge/charge cycles . The battery prefers a partial rather than a full discharge. Frequent full discharges should be avoided when possible. Instead, charge the battery more often. There is no concern of memory when applying unscheduled charges.

Q. What is the standby time of the phone's battery?

A. The rated performance is 50 hours standby time. Battery talk time and standby time vary depending on the talk/standby pattern and the operating distance. Returning the handset back to the charging cradle as often as possible is recommended for best performance.

Q. What is the talk time of the phone's battery?

A. The battery pack's talk time is up to 6 hours.

Q. Can I extend my DuraFon handset talk time to 24x7 operations?

A. The DuraFon Charging cradle has a spare battery charging slot, so for longer shifts, keep a spare battery charged and swap it with the handset battery.

Q. If you transmit at 800 milliwatts, how do you get your battery to last up to the rated hours?

A. Each handset has a receive signal strength indicator. The signal strength is constantly measured and the phones only transmit as much power as is required to maintain a good signal. The phones transmit anywhere from 80 milliwatts to 800 milliwatts on one-fifteenth increments.

Q. Can I broadcast a message to all handsets?

A. The DuraFon 1x and DuraPro supports message broadcasting to individual, group and all handsets functions.

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Q. Is the system digital?

A. Yes, the EnGenius systems uses digital spread spectrum (DSS) technology.

Q. What is DSS?

A. DSS stands for Digital Spread Spectrum and mean that the signal changes frequency to ensure privacy and clarity.

Q. With each EnGenius handset, you have included a long and a short antenna. Why do you include both?

A. Some people prefer the convenience of the shorter antenna. In their application, they may not need the full range of the EnGenius System. The longer range antenna is designed to maximize range and will give you the approximately 20% more range in an open area.

Q. What is the size of the external antenna?

A. From the tip of the antenna to its ground plane it measures 13 1/2 inches.

Q. What frequency does the DuraFon system operate on?

A. 902 - 928 MHz

Q. Can a caller select a certain handset?

A. Yes, with the auto - attendant feature on.

Q. What is the size of the handset?

A. The dimensions for both the DuraFon 1X and DuraPro handset without antenna are 161 x 58 x 31 mm.

Q. Is the system expandable?

A. For the DuraFon 1X, each base can register up to 9 handsets and each handset can be registered to up to 4 base units for a total of 4 bases and 36 handsets.

For the DuraFon Pro, each base can register up to 80 handsets.

Q. Can I page all the handsets?

A. Handsets can “subscribe” from the handset menu to group(s) and be paged when a landline caller or an intercom caller enters a Group ID.

Q. How do I insert a pause in a directory number?

A. Use the * key to enter a pause in the directory mode.

Q. Will the system work with a PBX / key system?

A. Both the DuraFon 1X and and DuraFon Pro systems work behind an analog port of the PBX or Key system.

Q. Is the system secure?

A. Yes. There are three levels of security. First, when you register a handset to a base unit, it assigns one of 65000 unique security codes to the handset. Second, the phone conversation is digital and cannot be picked up by other analog phones or baby monitors. Third, EnGenius systems use a military level frequency hopping scheme in which the phone automatically changes channels over 200 times per second.

Q. What does "Silent" mean on the LCD screen?

A. When a handset is ringing Silent can be selected to end the ringing notification for that call only.

Q. Is there a call timer on the handset?

A. Yes, when a call is answered or talk is pressed the time begins until the call is ended.

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Q. Are the handsets also 2-way radios?

A. Yes, Unique handset IDs make it possible to 2 - way other handsets within the system even while away from the base unit.

Q. If my base has multiple handsets, can I make two-way radio transmissions while someone is making a cordless phone call?

A. Yes, the two-way radio transmissions are completely independent of the base. So, in fact you could take several handsets to a remote area away from the base and have two-way radio conversations between the handsets.

Q. Does the EnGenius Industrial Cordless Phone System use the base unit to connect two handsets in a two-way radio conversation?

A. No. The handsets work completely independent of the base unit.

Q. Does the handset vibrate?

A. Yes, the handsets support a Vibrate mode.

Q. How do I locate a lost or misplaced handset?

A. Use the "Intercom button" of the DuraFon 1X base to look for the handset. The handset will be ringing when it receives an intercom call. For a DuraPro system, make an Intercom call from one to the other handsets to the missing handset.

Q. Does the Durafon provide speakerphone communication?

A. Speakerphone feature is available on the DuraFon PRO handset only.

Q. How can I tell the different between a 1x, 4x, PRO, and Walkie handset?

A. The 1x handset has a black bezel around the LCD, the 4x is silver, DuraPro handset is green, and Walkie is blue. Additionally, you can remove the battery and see the model on the serial number label.

Q. What security does the DuraFon system use?

A. The DuraFon Systems utilize Digital Spread Spectrum (DSS) with Frequency Hopping of 100 channels per second over 128 channels to maintain clarity and privacy. In addition, the base unit provides individual handset with one of over 65,000 random security codes to ensure that another system's handset is unable to link to another (non-related) base unit.

Q. When was my phone built, how old is my phone?

A. The first three values in the serial number determine build date. The first two are the year, and the third digit is the month, where A = Oct., B = Nov., and C = Dec. For example 07Cxxxxxx = 2007, December.

Q. Why would EnGenius use 900Mhz, when this is an older technology compared to the newer 2.4 and 5.8Ghz cordless frequencies?

A. Contrary to common belief, range is actually better at lower frequencies. Lower frequencies are less absorbed by objects and less affected by walls, buildings, trees, and even open air. Additionally, we use 900MHZ to avoid the sharing of WiFi networks, which would not only cause interference, but also reduce range for our system as well. Thirdly, the FCC allows more power to be used at lower frequencies because lower frequencies are safer for human exposure.

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Q. How do I add an additional line (base)?

A. For the DuraFon 1X, add a base unit. The base ID must be different from the other base IDs within the same system. Base ID can be changed by pressing Menu - 6 - 3 then entering an ID number 1, 2, 3,or 4.

For the DuraFon Pro, just plug in the next line into the base unit beginning at L1, then L2, then L3, then L4.

Q. How do I program a new handset?

A. Refer to the DuraFon 1X, 4X or DuraPro/DuraWalkie user manuals.

EnGenius DuraFon User Manuals

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Q. What is the range of the DuraFon systems?

A. Range depends upon individual environment. Typically, 12 floors in building, 250,000 sq. ft. in a warehouse and 3,000 acres in an open environment such as farms, ranches and resorts.

Q. How can I maximize the range of the DuraFon handsets?

A. Range depends upon the environment, but below are some guidelines:
1) 12 floors in building penetration
2) 250,000 sq. ft. in a warehouse or retail store
3) 3,000 acres on a farm or ranch
The range can be maximized by:
1) Mounting the terminal base antenna as high as possible and away from obstacles.
2) An external base antenna can be used to provide coverage outside or to get above obstacles.
3) The optimal performance, tall handset antenna will provide about 20% more coverage than the low profile, stubby antenna.
4) If using an external antenna, be sure the antenna is mounted high and away from other antennas and obstacles. Be sure any remaining coaxial cable is un-coiled and laid flat in large 6 - 8 foot loops.

Q. Does it really get 5 miles range?

A. In an open environment with an external antenna and few obstacles, a 1 to 2 Km range is typical, but this depends on various factors including line of sight, height of an external antenna. Range accross open water (land-to-land or land-to-vessel) will be quite variable due to wave action and reflections. In one application reported by a DuraFon user, a DuraFon 1X system with external antenna reached about 1.6 Km across a lake to a cabin. If it is a direct line it can go approximately 6 km easily if there is nothing blocking, and they get reception through the trees across the lake for approximately 4 km.

Q. Why do EnGenius long range cordless telephones transmit further than other cordless phones?

A. EnGenius cordless phones transmit more power. Cellular phones transmit at 600 milliwatts. Most cordless phones transmit between 80 milliwatts and 100 milliwatts. The EnGenius Industrial Cordless Phone System transmits at 800 milliwatts.

Q. How much more range will I get with the external antenna?

A. Instead of the signal traveling through several walls and obstructions to get outside, which reduces the signal strength, the antenna is already outside. Also, by having the antenna up higher, the signal will provide a better area of coverage. The EnGenius optional external antenna is a 6db gain antenna. The 60 feet (20M) cable has a 7db loss. The antenna and cable have been matched to provide the optimum cable length without sacrificing range.

Q. When is an External Antenna advantagous?

A. The difference in db gain between the standard antenna that comes with the base, and the external antenna (with all factors included like cable loss) is approximately 2 to 3db.
- Range is not improved by gain, but rather by increasing the “view” of line of sight.
- This means that in-building applications may not benefit from the antenna kit, unless it allows you to position the antenna somewhere where there are less overall obstructions, than where you could have mounted the base station otherwise.
- Outdoor applications, height is king. The higher you mount the antenna, the greater the range you’ll get.

Q. How different is the range using 2 way, or broadcast handset to handset, as compared to base to handset communication?

A. Two way and broadcast handset to handset are independent of the base unit. Range will be less than a typical incoming call or broadcast from the base unit, typically 25% to 50% less. If the external antenna is used on the base unit, the range difference will be even more noticeable. To maximize 2 way or handset broadcasts, use the long antenna on the handsets.

Q. How many handsets can you have in one area without incurring interference?

A. Up to 26 phones or 13 simultaneous radio frequency links using the two-way radio mode in a 30’ x 30’ room .

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Q. Are the systems safe?

A. The system has met or exceeded all FCC testing, including rigorous SAR testing. The DuraFon 1X and DuraFon Pro telephone systems comply with rules of the FCC Part 68 and Canadian IC/DOC CS-03.

Q. How close can a base antenna be to another antenna?

A. Keep 10 metres (33 feet) between antennas.

Q. How do I get antenna installation instructions?

A. Contact Comfort Canada or EnGenius Canada at their Support line.

Q. How do I protect my system from static electrical charges?

A. Use the SN-ULTRA-LPK lightning protection kit.

Q. Where should I place the base unit?

A. Locate the base away from obstacles and as high and centrally as possible.

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Lightning Protection:

Q. Why do I need a Lightning Protection Kit?

A. There are thousands of quality telephone sets damaged by lightning each year. The Lightning Protection Kit could have prevented a majority of this costly damage. The EnGenius system is not covered under the system's limited warranty for lightning damage unless an EnGenius SN-ULTRA-LPK (Lightning Protection Kit) has been properly installed.

Q. What can the kit do and what can't it do?

A. This kit reduces the risk of damage by interrupting surge voltage (up to technical specifications), and then redirecting the damaging levels to ground.
No lightning protection device can prevent lightning from striking or the effects of a direct strike.

Q. How does the kit work to reduce the risk of damage to EnGenius telephone equipment by lightning strike?

A. The kit works by redirecting static discharge voltage to ground.

Q. What is the Electrode Arrester?

A. The Electrode Arrestor is a small cylindrical "button" located inside the electrode arrester chamber. This "button" acts like a fuse that can be "actuated" several hundred times before it needs to be replaced.

Q. How will I know when lightning has struck, and what should I do then?

A. The Electrode Arrester can be triggered up to 300 times before it needs to be replaced. There is no visual indication that an Electrode Arrestor is no longer functioning. Typically, an arrestor should be replaced once a year in areas with frequent storm activity.
Note: A change in clarity or range with your EnGenius system after a storm may indicate a need to replace the Electrode Arrester.
Warning: If visual damage is apparent on the Lightning Protection Kit or electrode arrester, discontinue use immediately.

Q. Will the LPK protect against a direct lightning strike?

A. The Lightning Protector does not protect against a direct lightning strike. It protects against static discharge and feeders/feet from lightning up to the specification listed in the Lightning Protection Kit Manual.

Q. Can I install the lightning protector myself?

A. It is required that a qualified technician installs this protector.

Q. Can I purchase spare or replacement electrode arrestors?

A. Yes; the electrode arresters can be purchased through EnGenius customer service. In Canada call 1-888-397-2788. The Electrode Arrester part number is: SN-ULTRA-LPK/F.

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Q. What accessories are available for the DuraFon systems?

A. Rugged cases, Replacement handset antennas, external antennas, leather cases, belt clips, replacement batteries, lightning protection kits, headsets.

Q. Can I still get replacement parts and accessories for the SN-920 and EP-490 systems?

A. No

Q. Where can I buy accessories?

A. Call Comfort Telecom Canada at our Calgary , Alberta or Brampton , Ontario offices.

Q. What number can I call for ordering information?

A. Call the Calgary, Alberta office at 1-877-244-8414 for Western Canada . Call the Brampton, Ontario 1-800-822-8613 for Eastern Canada .

Q. How much is a system?

A. Pricing is dependent on whether you order a 1 line or 4-line system, and the number of handsets and accessories you order. Call Comfort Canada for a quote.

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Q. Is there a number I can call for technical support?

A. Call EnGenius Canada 1-888-397-2788 or 905-940-8181, Ext 109.

Q. How can I get a User Manual?

A. Visit the Comfort Canada\EnGenius web page linked below and right-click to download the DuraFon User Manuals.

Q. How can I get my EnGenius system repaired?

A. Contact the EnGenius Canada service centre at 1-888-397-2788 (Ext 109) or 905-940-8181 for Warranty conditions and instructions on how to initiate a service request.

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Q. General Troubleshooting

A. If you encounter any issues with the system, do a power reset on both handset(s) and base station. Secondly, try resetting the handset and base unit. Click here for details.

Q. How do I Reset the DuraFon 1X System?

A. If a DuraFon performance has degraded for no apparent reason, and replacing the battery in the handset does not solve the problem, try resetting the base system and handsets. Note that once the base system and handsets are reset, you will have to re-register the handset(s) to the base system to resume the operations. Click here for details.

Q. The (DuraFon 1X) handset won't connect to the base. Even after resetting the system, it still won't connect to the line.

A. The handset may have become de-registered from the base. This can happen for a number of reasons, including power failure, low battery, radio interference, or mis-operation. Try re-registering the handset to the base (ref pg. 31 of DuraFon 1X user manual) as follows:
1. If your handset(s) is purchased as part of a system, it has been preregistered with the base station at the factory.
2. If Handset ID as “00,” that means it is a new handset or the ID has been erased. You need to register the handset with the base station.
3. Registration:
a. Press MENU-6 to enter the registration mode
b. Press and hold the base’s Registration (REG)button for 2 seconds until 4 LEDs light up.
c. Press handset key “1”, this completes the registration process.
When you register the handset to BASE 10, the base will assign a handset ID between 12 and 19. The assigned ID will be displayed on the handset LCD, indicating successful registration.
d. Repeat above steps for all additional handsets.
e. The first two handsets registered will be given ID 11 and 12, which gives them administrator privileges.

Q. The (DuraFon 4X) system just turns off (no dial tone) and we have to unplug it, then plug it in again, and then it comes back on. Occasionally – I dial a correct number and it will indicate that the number is not available – then it will just start working again until this occurs again.

A. Try relocating the base transmitter to some other place and put it up as high as possible. It should have a minimum distance of 25 feet away from other electrical/electronic devices.

Also check the power supply stability. If in any doubt, you might want to back it up with a UPS or Surge Protector.

Q. My DuraFon handset Call Display sometimes doesn't register a call, although I can still make an outgoing call. How do I remedy this?

A. If the DuraFon has an External Antenna and Lightning Protection Kit, please check that the grounding kit (Lightning protection) is connected to the coaxial cable securely. Caller ID feature requires good signal strength / intelligibility.

Q. What is the ringer equivalency number (REN)?

A. The REN for DuraFon models is 0.3.

Q. The handset battery does not last as long as expected.

A. Battery time is based on distance between the two transmission / reception devices and will vary greatly. Use of the tall fixed antenna may reduce the amount of power required to make or receive a transmission.

Q. The handset gets warm during charging, is this normal?

A. Yes.

Q. Why won't my new additional handset work with my system?

A. Check that the handset has an ID number other than 00. Check battery power.

Q. My handset does not turn off.

A. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. If this does not resolve the problem, call Customer Service.

Q. My handset does not turn on.

A. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. Charge battery. Call Customer service.

Q. I am experiencing interference, what should I do?

A. Do not install the base station or the handset charger near microwave ovens, radios, TV sets, speakers, or other electrical equipment. These appliances may cause interference to the product or experience interference from the product. Or contact customer service.

Q. Will the phone work if the electricity is off?

A. No.

Q. How do I maximize the range of the system?

A. Mount the base unit antenna as high as possible and use the tall fixed handset antennas. Install an external antenna for the base unit.

Q. My handsets have stopped communicating with the base. How do I reestablish connection.

A1. This can happen where there has been strong lightning activity in your area. Try re-registering your handsets with the base. The handset registration process is described in the user manual for your system:
- DuraFon 1X User Manual
- DuraFon 4X User Manual
- DuraFon Pro User Manual

A2. If re-registering the handset(s) doesn't work, your DuraFon base unit may have been damaged due to a lightning strike. Ensure that your SN-ULTRA-AKxxx external antenna is equipped with a SN-ULTRA-LPK Lightening Protection kit. Please contact EnGenius Canada at 888-397-2788 Customer Support to walk you through a checklist to determine if the base unit has been damaged electronically. If that is the case, you may have to purchase a new DuraFon Base Unit.

Q. What is the expected life of the handset battery?

A. DuraFon 1X, 4X & DuraPro handset battery life:
- Talk-time: 6 hours
- Stand-by time: 50 hours
- Lifetime cycles: 400 (about 1 year)
Battery time is based on distance between the two transmission / reception devices and will vary greatly.
Use of the tall fixed antenna may reduce the amount of power required to make or receive a transmission.
A spare battery should be ordered within that timeframe to avoid downtime.

Q. How can I prolong the life of the handset battery?

A. For li-ION batteries, it's OK to leave them in the charging cradle when you finished talking with it. If you don't use the handset for a period of time (e.g. leave for vacation or a trip), then we suggest to take it out from the charger. You should also drain off the battery charge completely once every 2~3 months if the handset is used on daily basis.

Q. EnGenius DuraFan 1x phone system problem. Sometimes when a call is coming in, you click the talk button and nothing happens, it just goes to dial tone and the other user hears a click. If you keep pressing the talk button sometimes you can get the call. This is very inconsistent and does not happen every time. What is the cause of this problem?

A. This could be that the talk button is sticky. When the user presses the button trying to answer the call, the buttom sometimes made the contact twice by mistake. The first contact did answer the call but second contact actually put the call on hold and you get another dial tone, as if you selected the "flash button". If the user presses the talk button again (the third time), then it switched back to the caller so the connection was established again. There is no in-the-field fix for a sticky button. If it becomes untenable, send the handset to EnGenius Canada support for repairs.

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Q. What is covered by the warranty?

A. Manufacture defects in material or workmanship.

Q. What is not covered by the warranty?

A. Damage due to misuse, abuse and accident.

Q. What is the warranty period?

A. 1 year manufacturer’s for the base and handset.

Q. Where do I send a unit for repair?

A. Refer to Comfort Canada/EnGenius Support page for instructions:
EnGenius Technical Support

Q. How can I get a RMA number?

A. Refer to Comfort Canada/EnGenius Support page for instructions:
EnGenius Technical Support

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