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EnGenius Industrial Long Range Cordless Phone Systems

The EnGenius DuraFon is an industrial long range cordless phone system for highly demanding working environments. When used with the optional outdoor antenna (AK10L or AK20L), the DuraFon is a powerful tool providing long range cordless phone and two-way radio operations for back country enthusiasts, industrial parks, construction sites, auto dealers, and other demanding campus environments. Range ratings are up to 3000 acres in an open environment, up to 250,000 sq. feet in a warehouse, and up to 12 stories in buildings.
The EnGenius DuraFon is available in 2 models, the single line DuraFon 1X, and the four line DuraFon Pro. The DuraWalkie complements the DuraFon Pro system with inter-handset capabilities without Line-access at a lower cost per handset. A DuraWalkie 1X handset is also available for the single line system. Email us for details.

EnGenius systems use the 900 MHz frequency band. The advantage is that range is better at lower frequencies. Lower frequencies are less absorbed by objects and less affected by walls, buildings, trees, and even open air. Additionally, EnGenius uses 900MHz to avoid the sharing of WiFi networks, which would not only cause interference, but also reduce range for the system. The FCC allows more power to be used at lower frequencies because lower frequencies are safer for human exposure.

EnGenius DuraFon telephone systems comply with rules of the FCC Part 68 and Canadian IC/DOC CS-03.

For an overview and comparison of the EnGenius product line, click on the following link:

EnGenius DuraFon Presentation

System Options available:

DuraFon 1X System

DuraFon 1X System

DuraFon Pro PIA

DuraFon Pro

DuraFon LI Battery

DuraFon Parts


SN-ULTRA External Antenna

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