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FreeStyl 2 Cordless Phone

FreeStyl 2 - Single Line Mid-Range Cordless Phone System


FreeStyl 2

EnGenius FreeStyl2 is a scalable 900MHz Cordless Phone System with intermediate wireless signal range thatís ideal for businesses with employees who roam beyond the their offices or cubicles; or for expansive properties (farms, ranches, resorts, luxury estates) so owners or staff can stay connected over extended distances.
Engenius FreeStyl2 is a complimentary addition to an existing digital desktop phone systems, DECT phone systems and Wi-Fi phone systems. It can connect to both digital and analog PBX systems and provides companies or homeowners a solution that provides connectivity far beyond DECT or Wi-Fi phones particular on properties where outdoor Wi-Fi is unavailable or not an option.
Individual Engenius FreeStyl 2 handsets are available for purchase. Each FreeStyl 2 base station supports up to 9 individual FreeStyl 2 handsets. Each handset includes its own charging station.
FreeStyl 2 Technical Specifications

FreeStyl 2 Order Codes

0210A003000 - FreeStyl 2

Engenius FreeStyl 2 Base Station and Handset, 5VDC/1A, AC100~240V Power Adapter x 2, Desktop charger, Quick Installation Guide, CD with Userís Manual in PDF

0307A001200 - FreeStyl 2 HC

FreeStyl2 Handset kit with desktop charger

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FreeStyl 1 Cordless Phone Accessories

The EnGenius FreeStyl 1 has been discontinued, but various accessories such as replacement handset batteries and antennas are still available.

0912A0094000 - FreeStyl1 BA

Engenius FreeStyl1 handset Battery Pack - Li-ion 3.7V/1100mAh

0912A0092000 - FreeStyl1 HSA1

Antenna Assembly for FreeStyl1 Handset - optimal (long)

'0912A0091000 - FreeStyl1 HSA2

Antenna Assembly for FreeStyl1 Handset - low profile (short)

'0912A0098000 - FreeStyl1 POUCH

FreeStyl 1 Handset Pouch (with built in belt clip assembly)


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