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Digital Call Recorders and Recording Jacks

USB Digital Call Logger

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USB Digital Call Logger
USB Digital Logger

UDB Digital Logger Product Description

Record from phone lines, voice mail systems, handsets, radios and microphones. Connect to an outside line to record every extension.

Features include:

Digital Loggers Product Specification
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ACS Recording Jack


ACS Recording Jack ACS Recording Jack Instalation

The ACS Recording Jack (752-0880-02-01) includes a modular "RJ" jack and a 3.5mm (1/8") plug. This is a legacy GN Netcom product and has been designed to provide monitoring and recording of conversations on a telephone station set or PBX console. The Recording Jack presents both sides of the conversation to the monitoring output jack and is transparent to handset performance. Any standard high impedance tape recorder with a 3.5 mm jack may be connected to the Recording Jack by the pre-assembled shielded patch cord provided in the Recording Jack kit. The patch cord terminates on both sides with molded-on Switchcraft-type 740 " Tini -Plugs." The Recording Jack is installed in series with any modular PBX or telephone set handset cord - no tools are required for installation. (Audible monitor "beep" tone not provided.) A standard headset with modular jack may be connected to the recording jack in place of the phone handset.

The Recording Jack is specifically for use by supervisors and employees who want to train, monitor or record their transactions. Stockbrokers, insurance claims agents, customer service representatives and lawyers comprise several typical user groups. The device may also be used by emergency and security agencies for recording threatening calls or conditions.

1 Year Limited Warranty: GNN warrants this product for a period of 1 year from date of purchase with proof of purchase. If proof of purchase is not provided, the warranty period will be 1 year from date of manufacture. Contact Comfort Telecom Canada for warranty service on units purchased through our sales offices.

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