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Comfort Telecommunications Canada (Headset Express Canada) carries only the best products from leading manufacturers including Plantronics, Jabra/GN Netcom and EnGenius. Our product line includes both corded and wireless telephone headsets, computer headsets for Unified Communication (UC) applications, Bluetooth headsets and long range cordless phones with two-way radio systems for extreme working conditions.

Our key product offerings are listed below. Please contact Headset Express Canada for a quote tailored to your specific needs. We'll help you find the right equipment to match your work environment and phone or VoIP communication systems.

CS540 Headband

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Featured Products

Plantronics Wireless Headset Systems For Unified Communications

CS500 Series Savi W700 Series Savi W440 Voyager Legend UC
Plantronics CS500 Plantronics Savi W700 Plantronics Savi W440 Plantronics Voyager Legend UC

The CS500 series sets the new wireless standard for desk phone communication. The new system features a convertible headset, streamlined design and improved performance all with the same renowned reliability. Range up to 350 feet.

The Savi® 700 series features multi-device connectivity and a newly designed convertible headset. Now you can easily manage PC, mobile and desk phone calls with one intelligent wireless headset system. Range up to 350 feet.

The Savi®440 is a portable DECT™ headset system for high-quality PC voice communications. It features the lightest headset on the market and a hot swappable battery for unlimited talk time and up to 300 feet range.

Plantronics Voyager Legend UC Bluetooth headset features connectivity to PC, smartphone, or tablet, sensors, precisely-tuned audio, voice controls and advanced charging accessories.

Plantronics Corded Telephone Headsets

SupraPlus HW251N EncorePro HW500 EncorePro HW700
Plantronics HW251N Plantronics HW500 Plantronics HW700

Plantronics SupraPlus WB telephone headset family - durable, lightweight corded headsets designed for contact-center and office professionals.

The Plantronics EncorePro™ HW500 Convertible wideband headset models - all-new generation of headsets for customer service centers and offices.

The Plantronics EncorePro™ HW700 headset headband-models - premium lightweight nylon composite materials and plush leatherette ear pads.

Plantronics Corded USB Headsets

Blackwire 300 Blackwire 500 Blackwire 600 Blackwire 700
Blackwire 300 Blackwire 500 Blackwire 600 Blackwire 700

Blackwire 300 Series USB headsets combine reliability with a host of ahead-of-the-curve features key to UC environments, such as inline controls, in-ear audio alerts and smartly placed status lights.

Blackwire® 500 Series corded USB headsets feature Smart Sensor™ technology, audio alerts, mute and volume status, premium hi-fi stereo audio, and easy portability.

Blackwire 600 Series features a flexible boom, a noise-canceling microphone and digital wideband telephony, over-the-head design and generously padded ear cushions for optimal comfort during phone-intensive tasks.

Blackwire 700 Series is a versatile UC headset featuring high-quality PC audio and seamless Bluetooth connectivity to mobile phones and tablets, unmatched audio quality, Smart Sensor technology and a detachable cable for taking your mobile calls throughout the office.

Jabra / GN Netcom Wireless Telephone and VoIP Headset Systems

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Jabra PRO 9460 Jabra GO 6430 Jabra GO 6470
Jabra PRO 9460 Jabra GO 6430 Jabra GO 6470

The Jabra PRO™ 9460 allows office staff can answer calls made to either of their desk phone or softphone. Desk and softphone are united by a stylish touch screen base that offers complete freedom with a wireless range of up to 150m.

Jabra GO 6430: for mobile and softphone applications. Range up to 100 meters away from the softphone, and up to 25m for moble users.

Jabra GO 6470: Multiuse connectivity for mobile, desk and softphone. Range up to 100 meters away from desk and softphone, and up to 25m for moble users.

Long Range Cordless Phones

DuraFon 1X
DuraFon Pro
EnGenius DuraFon 1X EnGenius DuraFon Pro

EnGenius DuraFon 1X single-line Long Range Cordless Phone System expands to 9 handsets with up to 3000 acres coverage.

The EnGenius DuraFon Pro four-line Long Range Cordless Phone System expands to 90 handsets with up to 3000 acres coverage.

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Help in Choosing Corded and Wireless Headsets

Headset Terminology:

Find meanings for headset terminology and answers to wireless system density and other confiiguration questions. If there is something you don't understand, check the Glossary and Terms and Headset Tips, Facts and FAQ's pages.

Which wireless headset is right for you?


Click here to view a Plantronics video clip of product choices and advantages.

Here are some additional tips and comparisons for various popular models that will help in making your selection.

Selecting a Wireless Headset Radio Technology - DECT or Bluetooth

Avaya White Paper

Technology advances have made wireless headsets practical and increased product choices. A manager responsible for the smooth functioning of a business needs to select wisely to get the full convenience, compatibility ,and productivity benefits of wireless headsets. Choices of radio technology, range, user density, security, cell phone and Wi-Fi compatibility can be confusing. This paper reviews the strengths and weaknesses of the technologies available today: analog, DECT™ (Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology) and Bluetooth®.

How to Connect with VoIP Services such as Skype on your PC or Laptop

With the proliferation of Skype and other VoIP services available on your PC that allow you to talk with other people either on the Web or directly from your computer to a standard phone, various headset options are available depending on your preferences and budget. Here are a few offered by Comfort Canada.

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